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Beloved by car enthusiasts worldwide, the hatchback embodies the best qualities of both compact cars and more spacious SUVs and crossovers. Hatchbacks appease the need for utility with the practicality of a regular car.

On the ultimate end of the hatchback spectrum, there are cars that truly possess the spirit of an enthusiast machine. Hot hatches are the sportiest of hatchbacks, and Copart has thousands of these three- or five-door machines available now. Check out some hot hatch icons below:

Ford Fiesta

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The Ford Fiesta represents one of the most affordable and practical sports cars currently in production by Ford. Stylish and youthful, the Fiesta is a remarkable hot hatch for anyone!

Browse the list of Ford Fiestas available in Copart online auctions.

Lexus CT

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The CT is a symbol for Lexus — the brand is moving away from its image as a car for the older generation, and it’s taking a stand as a true performance brand. The CT combines the luxury and quality of any Lexus and adds a special flair.

Browse the list of Lexus CTs available in Copart online auctions.

Fiat 500


The famous Italian tiny car certainly lives up to its fame. Don’t underestimate the capability of the Fiat 500, a quality performance car in its own right. The 500’s utility is minimized with its size, but the practicality of the 500 in urban areas more than makes up for that.

Browse the list of Fiat 500s available in Copart online auctions.

Ford Focus ST/RS


The Focus ST is Ford’s most iconic hot hatch, and for good reason. The Focus ST and RS have long been regarded as go-to options for car enthusiasts around the world. In recent years, the Focus RS has focused heavily on becoming a fierce competitor in motor-sports, acting as a popular choice in rally driving and on circuits everywhere. No track day is complete without a Focus ST or RS barreling around the circuit.

Browse the list of Ford Focus ST/RS available in Copart online auctions.

Mini Cooper


Made famous by its prevalence in film, the Mini Cooper British automotive icon that can be found around the world. With a design that has spanned generations, the Mini Cooper is most certainly a hot hatch. Nimble but stylish, sporty but refined, the Mini Cooper is the right choice for any classy car enthusiast.

Browse the list of Mini Coopers available in Copart online auctions.

Volkswagen Golf


The original and the ultimate hot hatch, the Volkswagen golf has epitomized the design and attitude of the hot hatch style of cars. German quality in an affordable but sporty package means that owners experience the best of all automotive characteristics. The Volkswagen Golf is the ultimate hot hatch, and while there are many competitors climbing the ranks, it’s a long way to the top.

Browse the list of Volkswagen Golfs available in Copart online auctions.

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