Find the Vehicles You’re Looking for With Customized Search

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Did you know that the Copart website allows you to customize your results when searching for vehicles? Look for the “Customize View” button at the top of any search results page.

Once clicked, “Customize View” shows you a list of columns that are available to display on the left, and a list of columns that are already selected to display on the right. Users can “Add” or “Remove” columns they want to show in their search results.

In addition, you can change the order in which the columns are displayed by selecting a column name and clicking “Up” or “Down.” The higher the column name is, the further left that column will show in your search results.

While you can add as many columns as you like in the “Show Columns In This Order” list, only six of them will show up in your search results, so choose wisely. You can always use the “Reset” button to return the column names to their default list and order.

At last, don’t forget you can sort any column on the search results page simply by clicking on the column name.

Want to use “Customize View” to find your next vehicle? To access this feature, register for your free Copart Membership today, and enjoy the many other perks of being a Copart Member!

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