Go Green on Earth Day with Copart!

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Earth Day, which takes place on April 22nd, was initially started to help support environmental protection and help spread awareness of earth’s preservation. This annual celebration of earth became a day of recognition in April of 1970, when millions of individuals began protesting the negative effects the Industrial Revolution had on the environment.  

Today, millions of people around the world continue to celebrate earth day by planting trees, abstaining from plastic water bottles, or by volunteering to clean up local parks—to name a few. An ideal way to help promote Earth Day might consist of walking, riding your bike, using public transportation, or investing in a hybrid vehicle.   

Over the years, environmental preservation has become an increasingly important issue throughout society. To help combat some of the negative impacts the auto industry has had on the planet, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, due to their sustainability, environmental benefits, and cost efficiency.  

Copart helps protect our local communities and strives to encourage a sustainable environment by utilizing the latest emission technology and adhering to fuel burning policies. As a result, more than 80% of Copart’s heavy machinery reduce emissions, and overall fuel consumption has decreased.  

Copart also offers thousands of hybrid and energy-efficient cars that have proven to be environmentally sound. Specifically, hybrid cars, like Toyota Priuses, offer better gas mileage, produce less carbon dioxide emissions, and consume less fuel, making them more affordable and cost-efficient cars. In addition to all those advantages, you’re also benefitting the future of the planet!  

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than going green with Copart and investing in an environmentally-friendly car? Browse our collection of Toyota Priuses, help support our planet and be eco-friendly!  



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