What Is Copart Dealer Services?

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Copart Dealer Services has been around since 2007, and it is an easy way for dealers to sell their vehicles through Copart.

There are 750,000 reasons why you want to do that — that’s the number of Members that Copart has across the globe in more than 170 different countries.

Dealers sell their trades, their auction flips, and their repos. Buy here, pay here dealers can work with Copart and have their vehicles picked up in more than 200 different locations — the number of Copart auction locations in North America.

The fee structure simple. It costs $85 to list your vehicle for sale. That includes a tow up to 25 air miles. When the vehicle gets to a Copart location, it will be washed and vacuumed, then it will be put up on sale where you can run it through Copart auctions for up to four weeks at no additional fees.

Once it sells, there is a 2% sale fee with a $50 minimum and a $150 maximum. The least you’ll pay is $135, and the most you’ll ever pay is $235.

Go to Copart.com/CDS and, as a dealer, start selling your car with Copart today.

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