Copart Germany Now Up to Six Locations for Storing and Selling Vehicles

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Over the past week and a half, Copart has announced the opening of four new locations in Germany. Now that’s some serious growth!

Joining existing Copart Germany locations of Hannover and Leipzig are:

  • Mannheim – Next auction is November 13
  • Nuremberg – First auction is November 9
  • Berlin South – First auction is November 12
  • Frankfurt – First auction is November 16

On the Auctions Calendar you’ll see the dates for upcoming auctions. By clicking the name of any location on the Auctions Calendar, you’ll be able to easily access that location’s Sale List.

This season of growth for Copart Germany is an exciting time for buyers and insurance companies alike. Both benefit from Copart’s patented online vehicle auction platform, “one of a kind in the auto auction industry,” as Alain Van Muenster is quoted in the Berlin South press release.

With the increase of new locations comes the increase of available inventory on As of today, more than 500 vehicles are up for bid. Visit the Vehicle Finder to quickly access vehicles according to make, vehicle type, damage type and more.

Become a Copart Germany Member for FREE!

Business buyers in and around Germany should take advantage of Copart Germany’s free registration promotion to become a Copart Member. Registration is a two-step process: submit the online form, then send business registration and VAT ID to Once the documents are verified by the Copart Germany Team, you’ll receive a confirmation email and be able to bid.

The Copart Germany website and mobile app are currently available in four languages: English, German, Polish and Spanish. Providing a multi-language site gives more prospective buyers the opportunity to navigate the auto auction process in a language they feel comfortable using.

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