Upcoming Auctions in Copart Germany

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Copart Germany hosts multiple online auto auctions every week across 12 locations. Here are some of our highlighted sales this week:

Copart Berlin-West & Leipzig | February 14 at 12PM Berlin Time

Couples Auction on Valentine’s Day

Join us on Valentine’s Day for a pair of auctions! Click here for more information on how to join our Berlin-West and Leipzig auctions simultaneously!

Check out the sale lists for Berlin-West and Leipzig for more vehicles like these!

Copart Mannheim | February 19 at 12PM Berlin Time

Imported US Vehicles Sale

From the United States to Mannheim. If you’re bidding and buying outside the US, don’t miss your chance to bid on these US imports!

Check out the sale list for more vehicles like these!

Copart Hannover | February 20 at 12PM Berlin Time

Damaged Late-Model, Former Rental Vehicles Sale

Browse our inventory of damaged former rental cars and be sure to add them to your Watchlist!

Check out the sale list for more vehicles like these!

Copart Germany’s online auctions give you the convenience of finding and buying vehicles from the comfort of your home or office. And if you run into any questions along the way, you can visit the support and FAQ pages of the Copart Germany website for additional resources.

Ready to start bidding on some of the cars featured here? If you’re a business buyer, register for free today to become a Copart Germany Member and participate in one of the leading online vehicle auctions for used, damaged and salvage cars.

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