10 Things We Love About Cars

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The majority of us take Valentine’s Day to showcase our affection for that special someone. We use the day to demonstrate our feelings for them and express how much of an impact they make on our lives. We present them flowers, chocolates and make dinner reservations at restaurants with entrees that cost more than an oil change. Keeping in the holiday spirit, we decided to feature cars and the things we love most about them.

Road Trips

If you’re with the right people, the journey can be as fruitful as the destination itself. We can’t say the same for air travel.



Perhaps Joe Diffie’s ode to trucks, Pickup Man, put it best: “You know, if it weren’t for trucks, we wouldn’t have tailgates?” Why else would we drink beer and grill burgers in a stadium parking lot?



Garth Algar’s Mirthmobile from Wayne’s World. Burt Reynolds’ Pontiac Trans Am in Smokey and The Bandit. Your grandpa’s land-yacht of a town car. A person’s car can be an extension of one’s personality in ways most possessions can’t!



They’re outrageously expensive. Ridiculously fast. Absurd. Impractical. We wouldn’t want them any other way.



Do you ever wonder why dogs insist on plunging their heads out the car window to lap up the relentless gusts of fresh air? Take a convertible for a spin, and it’ll become clear.



Yes, modern cars are faster, safer and more reliable than their elders. But nostalgia and style don’t yield to rationalization.

Manual Transmissions


Driving stick can turn any mundane trip from an obligation to an experience. And there’s not much that beats the sense of gratification from a seamless downshift.

Restoring Cars


Anyone can buy a brand-new car. Taking the time and effort to return a car to its former glory makes it special. You get to know the ins and outs. You get to know it like the back of your hand. It’s unequivocally yours.

Donor Cars


Decided to restore an early model car? There are plenty of sidelined vehicles that have the passenger door you need, or the engine for your swap. Donors have a place in our hearts for keeping other cars going when they can’t anymore.


We don’t mean your commute in stop-and-go traffic. We mean cruising open roads or seeing just how tight you can take a corner. Remember, driving is fun.

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