Thousands of Luxury Cars Available in Online Auctions

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Buying a luxury car can be an enormous investment, but what if we told you there is an easier, cheaper way to purchase one? There are thousands of luxury vehicles to bid and buy in Copart auctions! Whether you’re looking for a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or other luxury brand, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in one of our online auto auctions.

Check out some of Copart’s luxury inventory:


Mercedes is a name synonymous with luxury. The German brand has been known to make some of the world’s most loved luxury vehicles. The S-Class is one of their most popular car segments, which includes cars like the S600, S400 and the S550.

The S550 full-size sedan, in particular, has many features that are highly attractive to a luxury vehicle buyer. With its sleek exterior, it’s impossible not to notice when you see one on the road. The inside of a Mercedes has an array of features that will leave you amazed with its stunning leather interior and useful heating and cooling features.

The dashboard has the latest technological components including a large touch screen, Bluetooth capabilities, auxiliary and USB ports and more! Under the hood is a 449-horsepower engine that’ll get you where you’re going in a flash!

View Mercedes-Benz S550 Inventory


If you’re looking for a high-performance luxury vehicle, it’s hard to find one better than a BMW. It offers high-performance, luxury and you could get one for a reasonable price by bidding in a Copart auction!

The BMW Alpina B7 is a V8-powered bi-turbo car, highly focused on performance. The interior has wooden trim and faux leather on the heated front and back seats and the dashboard has a 10.2-inch large “info-tainment” screen that lets you play the latest music and navigate through traffic with ease. With enough room to seat five people comfortably, this car is a practical purchase, especially for your family road trips.  

View BMW Alpina B7 Inventory


The Lexus  is one of the best in the Japanese luxury sedan market, and it doesn’t skimp on the performance side of things either.

Under the hood of the Lexus LS460 is a highly powerful performance engine. The interior is spacious and comfortable, and because it’s a longer vehicle, it’s easy to take the whole family out for a drive. The seats are 16-way power adjustable, ensuring comfort for the driver and each of the passengers. Part of the steering and some of the center console are covered in fine leather, giving the interior a premium feel.

Some of the dashboard features include a touch screen, Bluetooth, back-up camera, USB ports — you name it! This vehicle also has modern safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, parking assist, traction control and stability control so you can rest assured that your car is helping you stay safe.

View Lexus LS460 Inventory

With thousands of luxury vehicles available in Copart auctions nationwide, choosing the best vehicle for your needs doesn’t get any easier.

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