Friday Fast Facts 4/12/2019

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Love cars and the stories behind them? Join us on the drive to automotive enlightenment in the fourth edition of Friday Fast Facts!

The Average Bugatti Owner has Three Jets, One Yacht and 84 Cars

A fleet of luxury cars including a Bugatti Veyron

It’s imperative for a business to know its clientele. According to Wolfgang Dürheimer, head of both Bugatti and Bentley, “The Bentley customer on average owns eight cars. The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, three jets and one yacht.” The report Bloomberg report doesn’t specify whether the cars are Fords or Ferraris but we lean more towards the latter. Try and come up with a list of 84 dream cars. We didn’t make it past 30.

In 2017, Rolls-Royce unveiled the Most Expensive New Car Ever.

Rolls-Royce Sweptail (courtesy of Daily Express)

Rolls-Royce doesn’t make many two-seaters, but the ones they do make come at a premium. The 2017 Sweptail was built for a high-profile client for just under $13 million. The buyer wanted Rolls to produce a reiteration of the “cars of the ‘golden era’”, according to a Road and Track article by Máté Petrány. The car is even outfitted with luggage rails and a hat rack which makes this a steal for anyone looking for the Great Gatsby experience.

A Car Spends Nearly 95% of its Lifetime Parked    

Aerial view of Copart Los Angeles

According to a report by transportation adviser Paul Barter on, “the average car is parked 95 percent of the time.” Even with those long commutes and road trips, your car may still be less active than many of your household appliances. At any rate, we hope that your car is parked as you’re reading this.

The Average American Worker Spends About 38 Hours Per Year Stuck in Traffic Jams

The average worker spends nearly a work week per year commuting to and from work. The wasted time is depressing enough but researchers estimate the extra time on the road leads to an extra 2.9 billion gallons of fuel purchased and an additional 56 billion pounds of carbon dioxide produced per year!

Many Volkswagen Model Names are Derived from Wind.

Volkswagen Jetta available at

If you are one of the lucky Americans who trade nearly 40 hours of free time to sit in traffic you may have found yourself wondering where Volkswagen came up with the names of their cars. Wonder no longer. According to Volkswagen, the popular Jetta is derived from the German word for jet stream while the Passat is short for “passatwinde” or trade winds. As VW explains on their site, many believed the same to be true for the Golf but its inspiration was the Gulf Stream ocean current.

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