Top 3 Trends in the Transforming Auto Industry

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Beginning in 1886, the automotive industry is one that continues to thrive today across the globe. Because of many technological improvements and advancements over time, the industry still grows in many aspects. Car manufacturers are meeting the wants and needs of consumers more often to keep up with constant changing trends. Check out these top three trends transforming the automotive industry today:

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

One trend that has significantly transformed the automotive industry is the introduction of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly option which have a reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Electric and hybrid vehicles have been widely accepted around the globe, with environmentalists emphasizing that they will reduce hazardous environmental issues.

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Ride Sharing Apps Popularity

Another positive automotive trend has been the convenience of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. The rise of online taxi services has simultaneously led to a decline in the use of actual taxis! The idea flourished quickly in the early 2010s and people began to invest in Uber and Uber-run cars. The expenses of consumers living in urban areas have increased over time, which led to the rise in ride-sharing app’s popularity.

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Street-Legal Supercars

One trend gaining the interest of the automotive industry is the introduction of street-legal supercars. Street-legal fast cars aren’t easy to come across! Recently, manufacturers like Porsche, Koenigsegg and Bugatti have been competing to make the fastest street-legal car. These types of vehicles are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 250 mph!

So what’s next?

What can consumers look forward to in the trending future? The concept of driverless cars is on the rise! Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have already been developing the technology for driverless taxis available to the public. As time passes, we are sure to see more technological trends that are beneficial for all types of buyers.

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