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Have you ever felt the rush of excitement after winning a vehicle in one of Copart’s online auto auctions? Copart has a variety of convenient payment types that won’t waste that winning feeling. Paying for vehicles has never been faster thanks to these options:


Copart’s newest payment method, MoneyGram, gives you the opportunity to skip the payment line at your local Copart location. Visit one of 25,000 convenient MoneyGram locations and follow these four simple steps to be on your way:

  1. Have your account number (made up of your Buyer # and at least one vehicle lot #) and Copart’s Receive Code (17170).
  2. Bring cash or debit card to any MoneyGram location to cover your vehicle payment and applicable fees.
  3. IMPORTANT – Allow two business hours for payment to process, then log in to to allocate funds.
  4. Schedule transportation or visit the Copart location to pick up your vehicle.

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are all secure mobile wallet apps to use when you make your purchases in person at any one of our U.S. Copart locations. Make sure your mobile wallet app is already set up on your phone to move through the line as quickly as possible.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers allow you to safely allocate funds from your bank to Copart’s account within minutes. This option is highly-recommended for our International Members. To ensure the fastest service, be sure read our wire transfer instructions and have the necessary documents on hand.

Money Order & Cashier’s Check

While money orders and cashier’s checks are only accepted in person at one of our 200+ locations, it’s still one our quickest and easiest payment options.

Company Check & ePay

Review our company check and ePay enrollment instructions to ensure you have the correct documents in order to be approved. Please note that personal and international checks are not acceptable forms of payment.

Credit & Debit Card

One of the most common forms of payment, personal credit and debit cards are accepted in person at all U.S. locations with a valid form of identification. Some limitations may apply.


Most Copart locations accept cash payment, but we recommend reaching out to the location for more details and ways to move through the line faster!

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