What is the Most Popular Car in Each Country?

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Cultures are part of what make a country unique, and each has its own set of values, traditions and rituals. Culture can also be expressed by the material goods that its people use including food, clothing and even cars. Check our list to see which cars made countries open their hearts (and wallets). 

United States: Ford F-Series          

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The Ford F-Series has been America’s top selling vehicle for decades with over 32 million produced. During its decades-long reign there have been an average of two F-Series pickups sold per minute.  The trucks generate about $41 billion per year in revenue for Ford. The infatuation also extends north of the border as it is the top seller in Canada is well.

Germany: Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf available at Copart

The compact Volkswagen Golf reigns supreme over its homeland of Germany. The Golf is one of VW’s oldest production cars as it has been a best-seller since joining the company’s lineup in 1974. It replaced the widely acclaimed Volkswagen Beetle. To date, Volkswagen has produced various versions of the Golf including a GT version that is used in rally racing.

France: Renault Clio

Renault Clio available at Copart Germany

France is known as the land of love, romance, croissants, and the Renault Clio. Since its introduction in 1990, the Clio has consistently been a top seller in its native country and across Europe. The Clio is a perfect fit for the tight and winding French roads.

Italy: Fiat Uno

During the late 1980s and early 90s, the Uno really was number one. Countrymates Lamborghini and Ferrari may have sold faster cars, but Fiat sold cars faster reaching eight million units sold in just over a decade. The Uno was a cheaper, compact and economical car that seemed to check off all the right boxes for Italian drivers.

Spain: SEAT Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza available at Copart Spain

Originally marketed as having “Italian styling and German engines,” the Ibiza was the perfect compact for Spain. Like Italy’s Uno, the Ibiza consumed gas in moderation while being able to lug passengers around. The Ibiza, named after the Spanish island, has sold nearly four million copies and is still in production today.

Russia: Lada Riva

Russia’s top car is as tough and durable as its weather and terrain. The Lada Riva enjoyed one of the longest production runs alongside the Volkswagen Beetle and the Hindustan Ambassador thanks to its extended lineage back to the Fiat 124. Thanks to the Fiat connection, the Lada Riva also ranks among the likes of the Volkswagen Beetle as one of the top selling single-model platforms in history. Russian drivers loved it due to its easy maintenance and ability to function in the frigid temperatures. 

China: Volkswagen Santana

The People’s Republic has spoken. The Volkswagen Santana is the all time best-seller for the country with the world’s largest population. What started as a trial run for German-based Volkswagen, became not only an industry icon but the impetus for an entire Chinese auto parts sector. “In 1986, the quota of made-in-China parts was below six percent,” according to Martin Posth’s book on the subject 1000 Days in Shanghai.  By 1995, that number was at 89 percent.

United Arab Emirates: Nissan Patrol

The UAE loves the SUV. The residents here love to have the option of seamlessly going from desert to luxury. Take a look at the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you’ll a plethora of SUV models. Everything from Land Cruisers to Range Rovers to Jeeps. The Nissan Patrol reigns supreme.

Japan: Toyota Corolla

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The top-selling car of all time is the top-seller in Japanese history. Japanese drivers have bought over 12.65 million of the more then 40 million total Corollas produced since its production run began in 1966.  

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