Frequently Asked Questions About Copart Auctions

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Copart has over 200 locations worldwide with thousands of clean and salvage title cars, trucks and SUVs available for auction every day. For Buyers all over the world, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about participating in Copart’s online vehicle auctions.

Q: How do I start bidding and buying in Copart auctions?
A: The first step to bidding and buying in Copart’s auctions is to register to be a Copart Member. Registration is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Just upload a copy of your government-issued ID, then once your documents and account information have been reviewed and approved, Basic Copart Members have up to $1,000 USD Buying Power without needing a deposit on file.

Q: What is Buying Power and how do I increase it?
Buying Power is the total amount you can bid on a vehicle based on your Copart Membership type and current deposit on file. Basic Members start with $1,000 USD in Buying Power at the time of registration. For a bid amount above $1,000 USD, a deposit of at least 10% of the bid amount must be made (e.g. a $2,000 USD bid requires a $200 USD deposit).  Members can also increase their Buying Power by upgrading their account to Premier. Premier Memberships require a one-time deposit and annual fee.

Q: Can I buy or strip parts from a Copart vehicle?
A: Copart does not sell individual parts for vehicles — only whole vehicles as-is. However, many Copart Members find the parts they need for their projects by bidding on vehicles in Copart auctions.

Q: How do I bid in Copart online auctions?
A: There are three primary methods of bidding in Copart auctions:

  • Preliminary Bidding – Once the vehicle is listed on Copart’s website, Copart Members can place preliminary bids (‘pre-bids’) on vehicles at any time up to one hour before the start of the live auction. Pre-bids will be represented during the live auction and could be the winning bid if no other bidder submits a higher bid during either the pre-bid phase or the live auction. If there is a tie between pre-bid and live bid amounts, the virtual (live) bidder prevails as the highest bidder on the item.
  • Live Bidding – Bidders can bid live against other Members during a virtual auction. If a Member’s bid is the highest when the circular, dynamic countdown timer stops, the Member wins the sale of the vehicle (pending sale approval from Seller).
  • Buy It Now – Members can bypass the virtual auction of certain vehicles labeled Buy It Now. Bids can still be placed on these vehicles, but Members can also purchase them immediately for a predetermined price listed on the vehicle’s Lot Details page.

Q: How do I pay for a vehicle and schedule pickup after I’ve won?
A: There are several convenient payment options for you to choose from after winning your vehicle including wire transfer, MoneyGram, cash and debit/credit cards. If you prefer to pick up your vehicles in person, here are five things to remember:

  1. Schedule pick-up during normal business hours.
  2. Have ready the Member Number and lot numbers of the vehicle being picked up.
  3. Loading is first-come, first-served.
  4. Flatbed trucks are recommended for safe transportation of your vehicles.
  5. All heavy and medium duty lots are self-load only.

Q: Can I ship my vehicle internationally?
A: Copart does not currently offer international shipping options, but we recommend exploring third-party shipping options before bidding on your favorite vehicle. Please note: If you plan to use a third-party shipping service, Copart is not responsible for a vehicle’s condition once it leaves a Copart location.

Q: I upgraded to Premier Membership. Why is my auction still saying that I’m not eligible to bid on my vehicle?
A: Whether you’re a Basic or Premier Member, it’s always recommended to check out your state’s licensing laws to make sure you have the correct documentation before you bid. Each state has different licensing laws. For example, if you were interested in purchasing a vehicle in Maine, Maine’s licensing laws state that you need either a business license or the assistance of a Broker in order to place your bid.

Check out each state’s licensing laws >>

Q: Do I just pay what I bid or are there other fees attached?
You’re able to see exactly how much in additional fees you owe by calculating them on our Member Fees page.

Q: Can I drive my vehicle directly off the lot?
Even if a vehicle is run and drive verified, there may be other significant damage, and it may not be road-worthy. The vehicle will also not be registered or inspected, so we cannot advise that anyone attempt to drive a vehicle from the location. However, once Copart has delivered the vehicle to the loading zone, it is the Buyer’s responsibility.

Q: How can I register and get started?
A: If you have a valid government-issued form of identification (driver’s license, business license, passport, etc.), then you’re able to register! Visit our Registration page with your ID ready to upload and wait 5-7 business days for the license approval process to complete. Once you’ve been approved, you’re all set and ready to bid!

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