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Once you become a registered Copart Member, you may ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Navigating through masses of information including state licensing laws, finding the right Broker for you and tips on bidding sensibly can be a bit daunting. That’s where Copart’s Videos page comes in!

The Copart Videos page is the go-to source for “how-to” tutorials, information on Copart features and services and how to bid and buy vehicles in our online auto auctions. Watching these detailed step-by-step instructional videos can give you the upper hand when bidding on your next vehicle!

Not able to watch the video with sound? Not an issue! Each video comes with a full transcript or description so you can conveniently read along to gather as much information as you can.

Some of the Copart videos you’ll find on this page include:

Popular Videos

These are the most viewed videos among our Members! On this page, we walk you through how to register, how to buy, how to upload your license and much more. If you’re not sure where to begin, the Popular Videos page is sure to lead you in the right direction.


Copart Tutorials help you get the most out of your bidding and buying experience. Using these step-by-step guides, each video ensures that you’re armed with the most accurate information going into your auctions. This page shows you how to set up Vehicle Alerts, how to set your account preferences, how to find and join an auction, etc.

About Copart

Learn more about Copart and its history here! Not only are you given a Copart history overview on this page, you can also get an inside look at what it’s like on the employee side. Even have a sit-down with Copart’s founder, Willis Johnson!

Location Tours

Copart has 200+ locations around the world! This page provides you an up-close look inside our Copart locations and their inventory, introduces you to General Managers and gives a quick tour around the facilities. 

Member Testimonials

Get to know our Members and learn about their Copart experience on the Member Testimonials page! They walk you through how to buy, what their favorite features and functionalities of the website are and the benefits of inspecting vehicles in person.

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