Why We Love Classic Cars

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There are many reasons to love and buy classic cars. Motives range from pragmatic and economical to nostalgic and sentimental. Here are a few things that fuel our love classics:


1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster available at Copart.com

Modern cars are far superior to their predecessors in nearly every way. The vehicles built today outclass most classics in things like fuel efficiency, safety and minimization of emissions. Classics are “Classics” for a reason though. You can’t beat the style of the rides of yesteryear where designers were free to shape their creations without things like fuel economy or safety rating requirements holding them back.


Engine bay of a 1955 Packard available at Copart.com

For the most part, navigating the mechanical components of vintage cars is pedestrian compared to their contemporary counterparts. The simplicity and room around the critical parts of a classic car make them perfect classrooms for budding gearheads. Many modern cars must be serviced by a professional due to the compact and intricate engineering. For instance, the transmissions in today’s Dodge Chargers are sealed so the driver must make a trip to the dealer just to check fluid levels.


1965 Ford Mustang available at Copart.com

Today’s cars are designed to be quieter and minimize NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) levels. Engineers proved to be so successful that some manufacturers now pump in fake engine noise to appeal to the picky ear of the consumer. Auxiliary news is part of the classic car experience. Driving a classic car is an experience in and of itself. Vintage vehicles require more feel and attention in braking, acceleration and steering than their descendants.

Check out this 1974 International Scout at Copart.com

These are a few of the many factors that make classic cars classic. Looking for a vintage vehicle of your own? Check out Copart’s inventory of Classic Cars!

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