Friday Fast Facts 6/14/2019

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Love cars and the stories behind them? Join us on the drive to automotive enlightenment in this week’s edition of Friday Fast Facts!

Mr. Roger’s Stolen Impala Was Returned With a Written Apology

According to a TV Guide piece on him, Fred Rogers drove a plain old Impala for years. When one day, his car was stolen from near the TV station. The news traveled fast after Rogers reported the theft to the authorities. Before he knew it, the theft was broadcast on all major media outlets around town. According to CNN, Within 48 hours  the car was returned to the exact place it was stolen from. Attached to the car was an apology note stating “if we’d known it was yours, we never would have taken it.”

Did You Know That The Person Who Invented Cruise Control Was Blind?

According to Mangesh Hattikudar at, Ralph Teetor, an engineer, who was legally blinded in a shop accident at the age of 5, invented cruise control and was also responsible for a lot of vehicular improvements, Including automatic transition. Inspiration for cruise control struck during World War II, when the government set a 35-mph speed limit to conserve gas and tires. In order to regulate the speed, he invented “auto pilot” which premiered in selected 1958 Chrysler models, which we no refer to as “cruise control.”

Switzerland Traffic Laws That You Won’t Believe!

Among the 408 official traffic laws, there are several strange ones when it comes to cars. According to Dimitri Burkhard of, it is unlawful to slam a car door after 10 PM. How crazy is that? Another weird one is that if you switch from a one time limited parking spot to another without entering traffic in between, you could get fined. Last but not least, if you forget to activate your parking break, you might get fined, too! Paragraph 37 article 4 of the Swiss road law states that “A driver must appropriately secure their vehicle.”

Automobiles are the Most Recycled Consumer Product in the World Today

Did you know that 80% percent of a car can be recycled? How about the fact that automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world today? It’s the truth! According to Rick Leblanc at The Balance Small Business, the car that you are currently driving will be a great source of recyclable materials in the future when you decide to part with your car. Every year, automobile recycling industry in USA and Canada provides sufficient steel to produce roughly 13 million new vehicles. These facts demonstrate that the worldwide auto recycling industry is important and is constantly growing.

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