Friday Fast Facts 6/28/2019

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Love cars and the stories behind them? Join us on the drive to automotive enlightenment in this week’s edition of Friday Fast Facts!

How The “Dashboard” Got Its Name

The dashboard of a car is currently described as a control panel located in the front of the vehicle that displays the controls for vehicle operations. According to, originally the word “dashboard” was used to describe the wooden board carriage markers attached to the front of carriages that prevented mud and rocks from being splashed – or dashed -onto drivers and passengers by horses. It wasn’t until the 1900s that carriages used motors and “dashboards” were used to house the speedometer and gas gauges.

The World’s Cheapest Car

India’s Tata Motors released the “World’s Cheapest Car”, the “Nano,” in the year 2009. The goal of thiscar’s production was to be small, safe, family-friendly and affordable. According to the Los Angeles Times, the car started at $2,200 after taxes and dealer costs while the CX and LX models with heat, AC, and power breaks, sold for up to $3,800. Although the vehicle is inexpensive, these vehicles lacked in standard safety features like air bags and anti-lock brakes. As of 2018, The Tata Nano, halted production and it’s just mere history now.

The World’s Most Expensive Car

According to Beautiful Life Magazine, the Sweptail by Rolls Royce is valued at a whopping $13 million! This is over $7 million more than the Koenigsegg Ccxr Trevita, which is valued at $4.8 million. While this car is currently off the market and custom-created for a confidential customer, we can all still dream! This exclusive vehicle has custom coach work, reminiscent of royal carriages. The two-seater is complete with a fully panoramic sunroof, handcrafted with wood and leather in its interior and equipped with hidden attaché cases behind each door.

The Future is Fingerprints

If you thought your keyless car was cool, wait until you see Hyundai’s fingerprint feature! According to ZDNet, Hyundai Motor developed a car system that unlocks and starts cars with just the press of a finger. With this feature installed in the 2019 Sante Fe, multiple drivers can register their fingerprints to the car before using the system. The reader is so high-tech that it can differentiate between electricity levels in various parts of the finger so your car can never be hacked into or tampered with!

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