Copart Opens New Lounge in Republic of Georgia

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Copart is excited to announce the opening of a brand new Copart Lounge for buyers in the country of Georgia. This new Eurasian facility will serve as a centralized location for customers from Georgia and the neighboring countries.

Georgia’s Poti Sea Port assists with imports of thousands of cars into the region and the Rustavi Auto Marketplace supports the re-exportation of these vehicles to the neighboring countries such as Armenia and Azerbaijan. Thanks to the Caucasus Business Group’s efforts, the newly constructed Copart Lounge is designed to enhance Copart’s physical presence in the area while also simplifying the buying process for our buyers in the region.

As Copart continues to grow across the globe, we aim to provide the most convenient buying experiences for our customers. The new Copart Lounge will provide a relaxed, accommodating destination to assist buyers with all their needs, from finding the right car, bidding and buying to shipping through services offered by our trusted authorized representative – Caucasus Auto Import.

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