Five Automotive Podcasts That Give Us Life

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Looking for a podcast to make your commute or office experience a bit more manageable? Us too. That’s why this morning, we channeled all our productivity into finding your new favorite automotive podcasts (so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself). Whether you need a good laugh to make it through the workday, or just want to expand your knowledge of cars, our top choices have you covered.

Check out our five new favorite podcasts for all the car fans out there:

Car Talk

“Car Talk” gives us everything we want from an automotive podcast: car talk, humor, answering questions from all over the country and even trivia (don’t worry, it doesn’t always involve math). After listening to one episode, we’re already subscribed for more.

Everyday Driver Car Debate

Ever wish you could have a team of people help you find your dream car? Meet Paul and Todd from “Everyday Driver.” They act as your personal guides to explore different car options and other various topics in the car industry.

The Smoking Tire

“The Smoking Tire” is exactly what it sounds like—a fast-paced, fun 90-minute show featuring guests from the automotive industry and beyond. From testing cars to interviews with stunt drivers, it’s unlikely you’ll get bored of this entertaining bunch.


Performance aftermarket? Check. New cars? Check. Add in some discussions about the future of the automotive industry and you’ve got CarCast with Adam Carolla, Matt D’Andria and Bill Goldberg. This star-studded podcast is twice a week which gives us twice the amount of joy. 

Talking Cars

“Talking Cars” gives us information from automotive experts without the “influence” (aka paid advertising) of brands. It’s all the advice we ever wanted without the ulterior motives of other companies. They even answer audience questions, so of course we’re planning on submitting a few.

We only meant to add one or two podcasts to our weekly listening queue, but now here we are with five new additions. At least now you’ll have enough content to listen to while you’re browsing Copart’s latest auctions.



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