Buying a Salvage Vehicle for Auto Parts

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This is Part Three in our You Bought a Salvage Car! Now What? series. Everyone has needed replacement car parts at one point or another. In fact, many people buy their first salvage car specifically because it’s sometimes cheaper to buy a salvage vehicle for auto parts than it is to buy the parts through the manufacturer. 

We’ve all experienced it—the dreaded moment when your car stops working. You pop the hood to see what’s wrong and, after some testing, you think you have a culprit. It’s only one tiny vehicle part; an otherwise insignificant part of the car, but unfortunately that one piece is why it won’t work anymore.  

Naturally, you start looking for replacement parts. You find out that you can order the part you need directly from the manufacturer, but it’s ridiculously overpriced because it’s a few years old. The manufacturer want you to buy a new car, but you refuse to let them win, so you try to find a used car part yourself. By this time, your internet searches have devolved into madness. You’re searching for things like:  

  • Is an engine really necessary? 
  • Can my car run on my hopes and dreams?
  • Why is my car punishing me? 

And then an idea appears: maybe it’s time for a new car. But after a few minutes checking your bank account balance, you realize you’re not quite as ready as you thought you’d be.   

We know, the story may be a tad excessive. But to some of you, it might be exactly how it first occurred to you to buy a salvage car for parts. It may seem challenging to locate the exact parts you need, but it doesn’t have to be. With a search function like the Copart Vehicle Finder, you can track down the make/model of the vehicle you’re searching for and find specific parts. Once you have the parts you need, you can keep the rest of the salvage car for future replacement parts or consider other uses for it.  

Looking for a spare part without the manufacturer’s markup? Find what you need at a Copart auction. 

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