You Bought a Salvage Car! Now What?

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Congratulations on buying a salvage car. You’ve done the research, evaluated the risks vs. the rewards and finally found the right car at an auction. You’ve arranged delivery and the vehicle has finally arrived. But now what?  

You might have had different intentions when you originally purchased this vehicle, but now that it’s arrived, the options may be overwhelming. Do you fix it up? Do you create a custom build? Or do you just scrap the car for parts? Don’t worry! We’re going to take you through some possibilities.  

This blog series compiles the five most popular options for what to do with your salvage car. We’ve summarized the entire series for you in this article, but if you want more info about any of these options, simply click the corresponding headline to read the full version. 

Let’s explore the options! 

Restoring Your Salvage Vehicle 

The most common reason why people buy a salvage car at auction is to restore it. But before you begin, it’s best to get familiar with the process. Here are some general steps to follow before locking yourself in the auto shop for a few months: 

  • Make a realistic timeline. 
  • Connect with a community. 
  • Identify the issues with the vehicle. 
  • Document everything you do. 
  • Meet with a mechanic or do it yourself. 
  • Explore what’s under the hood. 
  • Improve the outside. 
  • Fix up the interior. 

Car restoration is a big task to undertake, but with support, knowledge and a realistic idea of what to expect, it can be a very satisfying (and sometimes lucrative) project.  

Want to start the repair process on your salvage vehicle? Know what you’re getting into with this restoration overview

Five Ideas for Your Salvage Car Custom Build 

If restoration isn’t your style, you might be more interested in creating custom builds. It gives you an opportunity to express your individuality and build something that’s truly “yours.” Even if you think you might be interested in creating a custom build, we’d suggest at least looking through these five options for possible customizations:  

  • Build a monster truck. 
  • Create a tiny bus house. 
  • Get inspired by iconic cars and create a replica. 
  • Make it into storage, tow or something else that’s practical.  
  • Make something truly unique. 

We’ve seen some cool custom builds, but perhaps the most impressive thing we’ve seen hasn’t even been created yet. Maybe we’re just waiting on you to build something remarkable.  

Want to create a custom build for that salvage car you bought? Here are five ideas to jumpstart your creativity

Buying a Salvage Vehicle for Auto Parts 

Sometimes fixing a salvage car isn’t feasible, and the parts end up being more useful than the whole. If that’s your case, you might consider harvesting your salvage vehicle’s parts for another car. Sometimes it’s even cheaper than getting repair parts through a manufacturer, especially is it’s a classic muscle car or sports car.  

Whether you’re using these auto parts for your personal vehicle, keeping them in stock for a later time or selling them, your salvage car may be able to provide more use to you in pieces rather than as a whole.  

Looking for affordable auto parts? A salvage car might be the right option.  

When to Drive Your Salvage Car 

If you decide to repair or customize your vehicle instead of using it for parts, one thing you should know is when it’s legal for you to drive your car. Knowing your local laws regarding what is “street legal” can save you time and money when you’re fixing it up. Make sure to do the following before getting too far in the process: 

  • Assess your build. 
  • Get your car inspected. 
  • Change the title from salvage. 
  • Get it insured. 

Repairing your salvage car doesn’t mean it’s ready for the road. Find out how to make your vehicle street legal

From Art to Games: Five Creative Uses for Salvage Cars 

When it comes down to it, there are always more options than repairing, making a custom build and using your salvage vehicle for parts. If you’re artistically-inclined or have an interest in making your auction car into something else, you might consider a more creative use for your salvage car:  

  • Use the parts to make a sculpture.  
  • Make it into an Art Car. 
  • Use the pieces to make furniture. 
  • Use your car for stunts. 
  • Gamify your vehicle. 

Salvage vehicles aren’t just for fixing up or salvaging for car parts. Explore these five creative uses for your next auction car in more detail. 

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If you’re already inspired for your next project, take a look at our Copart auction cars. We can’t wait to see what you do! 

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