What Your Car Color Says About You

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Did you know that the color of your vehicle may reveal more than just your favorite color? A fresh new paint job can transform a vehicle from dull to dazzling in an instant. Not only can a pop of color can add interest, it can even increase the value of a vehicle in certain cases.   

The Customization 101 blog series has been all about exploring ways to personalize your vehicle. In this blog, we’re diving into the characteristics behind the color. If you’re interested in learning more about what your car color says about you, buckle up, because you’re in for a treat. 

Black, Whiteand Gray: Sensible, PracticalPragmatic 

In a world of color, most people prefer black, white or gray cars. They’re so popular in fact, that 57% of people in North America own a vehicle in one of these colors. While the tones may vary, they all mean the same thing: you are more reserved, cautious and mature than people with other-colored vehicles.  

These neutral colors are sleek and more professional than most. If you drive a vehicle with one of these four colors, you may be the type of person who likes to stick to the status quo. 

Red: HighEnergy, Dynamic, Assertive 

Choosing a red vehicle can be a sign that you exude confidence. The tone of red, however, can drastically alter what your car says about you. 

Bright red paint colors are typically chosen for sports cars and roadsters. That alone expresses the type of person they are—adventurous and thrill-seeking.  

Whereas dark reds, like maroon & burgundy, are more reserved colors. And although they have character, they are more subtle than bright red. Therefore, this car paint eludes sophistication and class. (And they’re also less likely to be pulled over.)  

Blue: Confident, Calm, Self-Assured 

Just because you drive a blue car doesn’t mean you have a case of the blues. In fact, owning a blue car exhibits optimism and stability. Blue vehicle owners are typically confident and have a great deal of self-assurance and independence. 

Brown and BeigeEasygoing, Down-to-earth, Unique 

Car owners who drive brown or beige cars are typically considered “down to earth,” according to Color Meanings. Instead of seeing the car as a fashion item, they may see a vehicle as a practical form of transportation. As a result, these car owners choose the no-nonsense colors of brown or beige. 

Purple, Green, Yellow and Orange: Creative, Artistic, Lively 

Finally, the loudest car colors of all time: purple, green, yellow and orange. While these colors are all very different (like the classics black, white and gray), the car owners generally have the same personalities. These cars are vibrant, and it only makes sense that their owners would be too. Their owners are lively with loud and boisterous personalities, and a creative mind to match. 

No matter where you purchase your vehicle, the paint color has meaning. Find a car with a color that matches your personality at a Copart car auction near you. 

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