The Pros and Cons of Car Displays

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Do you ever wish you could send a message to the car behind you? Maybe they’re driving too closely, and you want to tell them to back off. Or maybe you want to take a positive approach and thank them for keeping a respectful distance. Sure, you could gesture with your hands, but that might be misinterpreted or get you into trouble (depending on what hand gestures you’re sending). Well thanks to technology, there’s a solution for this struggle: an emoji car display.  

For those who don’t know what emojis are (don’t worry—it’s a challenge to keep up with the lingo) they’re emoticons like this: 😊 that can translate into specific meanings. It’s a quick way to communicate which is why they dominate a good portion of our text messages. The emoji car display that we’re talking about today mounts on your back window and broadcasts whatever icon, short text, or emoji the driver selects.  

Today we’re going to examine the pros and cons of car displays, so let’s start on a positive note.  

The Good 

If we’re living in the most idealistic world, having a way to politely tell the person behind you to give you some more space is a great way to reduce accidents. An emoji display could also be a good way to send an apology if you accidentally cut off someone—a “sorry face” could deescalate an awkward situation. Or if your vehicle has a flat and you need to pull over, you could indicate that with a series of custom emojis.   

The Bad 

Here’s the biggest issue with installing an LED car display in the back of your vehicle: people are more likely to use it aggressively than to send positive feedback. It’s the same principle that occurs when you visit a lovely restaurant and service is good (not great). Do you leave a review? Probably not. But if the service is terrible, you’re WAY more likely to say something. It’s just how people are. So, if you’re on the road and someone is driving aggressively, you’d probably be more likely to send them an angry emoji (possibly causing them to drive more aggressively).  

The Ugly 

Realistically though, LED lights in the back of your vehicle isn’t for everyone. And in some areas, they’re illegal. People who tend to travel long distances may have to uninstall their display mid-commute if they’re driving between locations with different laws. In addition to the legality, operating anything while driving (even if it uses voice commands) takes the driver’s attention off the road.  

Technology is fascinating, especially as it becomes more developed. Ten years ago, we never would have thought about communicating with the driver behind us more than apologetic waves, but now there are multiple versions of an emoji display that can send icons, smileys, and short phrases to the people behind you.  

Is it a good idea? We’re still not sure. But we are impressed with the technology.  

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