5 Car Accessories That Make Your Life Easier

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We’re sure you’ve seen the HUNDREDS of car accessories floating around, but which one are worthy of your attention? We’ve gone through all of them to find the best car accessories that either add to the efficiency of your commute or will made your life easier.  

Here’s what we found: 

Sun Shields/Sun Shades 

Few things are worse than not being able to find covered parking and being forced to park in the hot sun. But the absolute worst part happens later when you return to your car and find that it’s been turned into an unforgiving desert sauna that’s actively trying to burn you. Enter the sun shade (also called a sun shield). These foldable devices fit over your windshield to block direct sunlight from reaching the inside of your car (however it doesn’t do anything for the sunlight coming from the back or sides). Even though the coverage isn’t perfect, we’ve noticed a notable difference when we get into our cars after parking in the sun for a few hours. It makes our vehicle almost bearable. And best of all, you can get cool designs that relate to your favorite TV shows or movies.  

USB Adapter 

Most cars come with one or two USB adapters, but with the number of peripherals and devices we’re toting around these days, more is better. You can easily find additional USB adapters that fit in the cigarette lighter plug giving you and your passengers easy access to charge your respective devices. No more arguing to decide whose turn it is to charge!  

Blind Spot Mirror 

Blind Spot Mirrors are attachments that you can install on top of your side mirrors to get a better view of what’s directly next to your vehicle. We’re not saying that you still shouldn’t turn your head to check, but it’s better to take more precautions, isn’t it? Though some cars come with these standard, other drivers will be happy to know they can purchase blind spot mirrors themselves (and the installation isn’t even that difficult). It’s definitely better to have an improved view.  

Car Air Purifier 

If you’re in your car for extended periods of time, you might want to consider getting a car air purifier (especially if you’re prone to allergies). Purifying the air in your car can potentially improve the quality of air circulating in your vehicle. That means you’ll at least be breathing better when you’re making those deep sighs from being stuck in traffic on your commute home. Most of them can plug in via USB, so you might want to couple this with the aforementioned USB adapter.  

Trunk Organizer 

We’ve mostly talked about making improvement to the driver’s seat, but we could always use some help in the trunk. It seems like no matter how carefully we drive or organize things back there; something always manages to spill out. Trunk organizers help keep things in order and minimize instances of our groceries playing hide and seek when it’s time to unload the car.   

These five accessories can help maximize your car’s efficiency AND your personal efficiency. Have a little more expertise adding mods to your car? Check out what Copart has to offer and show us how you make your car more efficient.  

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