The Pros and Cons of Dash Cams

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Some of us at Copart occasionally get nostalgic when we think about how much automotive technology has changed over the past decade or so. (Remember when automatic windows were the height of technology?) Now, though, there’s a new trend that’s slowly changing the way we interact with our cars: cameras. 

Having cameras in your vehicle is becoming pretty common, whether it’s a back-up camera, a lane assist camera, or even a dash cam. But as useful as they are, there are still mixed feeling about whether or not they belong in your vehicle.

People have extremely strong opinions about dash cams. Some people think they’re an invasion of privacy, while others are of the opinion that dash cams are an essential “must have” accessory. As part of our Automotive Technology blog series, we’re looking at the pros and cons of dash cams.

We can see how dash cams might be invasive because long commutes tend to be a sanctuary of personal time and with a dash cam present, you’ll never have a REAL private conversation in your vehicle again. (That also means your car karaoke isn’t private anymore.) 

Depending on what brand you choose, your video could be uploaded to the cloud where or stay on the device. The best way to come to terms with whether you’re comfortable with a camera in your car is understanding where the video is being uploaded and who may see it. If your camera is only recording to internal storage, you’re likely to have more control over who sees that footage and when.

Still, having a dash camera can be beneficial, especially if you live in a busy area where lots of people may be around your car. Dash cams may discourage pranks that involve your vehicle (no more toilet-papered cars!), or more seriously, deter criminals from trying to break into your car.

We’re not here to say one opinion is right or wrong, but the decision to get a dash cam will depend your level of comfortability. Who knows? Perhaps dash cams might come standard in vehicles someday.

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