How to Prep Your Zombie Getaway Vehicle

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This next blog series is all about cars in the entertainment industry and to kick things off, we’re tackling one of the biggest holiday-related themes today. It’s Halloween, and you know what that means—it’s time to think objectively about what you’d do in a zombie apocalypse. And because we at Copart have an interest in cars, we’re looking specifically at how to prep your Zombie Getaway Vehicle (ZGV).  

What is a Zombie Getaway Vehicle? 

Glad you asked! Your ZGV is your vehicle during the zombie apocalypse. We’re assuming that all traffic laws would be suspended during this time, so it’s anything goes. Weird mods? Check. Spikey attachments? Check. Flame thrower attachment? Maybe… the only thing scarier than zombies is fire zombies.  

Must Haves 

Here are your essentials for the zombie apocalypse:  

  • Food storage—Preferably in an easily accessible place on the inside of your car. Why? Because when zombies are on the outside and you’re hungry, the food will always be within reach.  
  • Water storage—Forget the soda, in the zombie apocalypse it’s all about staying hydrated.  
  • Medical kit—If you’ve ever watched a zombie movie, you know that accidents ALWAYS happen, so being prepared can save a life.  
  • Car escape tool—Remember when we wrote: “accidents always happen?” That’s why multi-tools are the way to go. You can get something that can shatter a window and be a flashlight, all in one. 
  • Duct tape—Fix anything. Anywhere. You can tape up leaking hoses, make roof patches and even hold up a bumper.  
  • Car cleaner—To keep your car free from all the zombie… dust.  
  • Air pump—Flat tires can kill your mood… and more in a zombie apocalypse.  
  • Paper towels—Whether it’s crumbs, brains or anything else, you’ll want to keep something around to clean up.  
  • An actual paper map—Remember road maps? They’d be a necessity in the zombie apocalypse.  
  • Solar charger—Electricity is going to be a scarce commodity; if you want to charge your devices, you’ll need something like a solar charger to do it.  

Gathering all of this stuff together should give you a pretty good advantage in a zombie apocalypse. All you’re missing is a chainsaw mount on the hood, lots of spare tires, and gallons of gas. Another car battery probably wouldn’t hurt either.  

All joking aside, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween today. And if you’re in the market for a new ZGV, why not check out what Copart has to offer.  

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