Technology, Cars and You

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How has technology impacted the automotive industry? Well, in addition to changes in convenience (like powered windows, heated seats and advanced music options), we’re seeing many new types of technology pop up on the horizon. (By types, we’re referring to things that add convenience, but also might be too advanced for the road.) 

In this blog series, we’ve examined things from car emoji displays to dash cams and keys. Take a look at our articles and let us know what technology works for you.  

The Pros and Cons of Car Displays 

Car emoji displays can send a variety of emoticons to your fellow drivers, but is this use of technology gratuitous? In this article we examine the usefulness of car emoji displays, their legality across the U.S. and if this technology might be worth your time.  

Explore the technology of emoji car displays with Copart.  

Copart Breaks Down the Evolution of Car Keys  

We’ve mentioned a lot of improvements inside the vehicle, but what about the tiny objects that let us open the doors (and start the engine)? In this blog, we look at how car keys have changed over time. They’re not just for opening things anymore, now most keys can at least pop the trunk or set of an alarm from the distance.  

Remember when car keys just opened doors? Read how technology has changed the way we use our car keys

5 Accessories That Make Your Life Easier 

Not all technology has to be already incorporated into the vehicle. We’re taking a look at accessories you can buy and install yourself. Are they useful or just niche items that aren’t going to make a big difference? We’ll tell you more about the following: 

  • Sun Shields/Sunshades 
  • USB Adapter  
  • Blind Spot Mirror  
  • Car Air Purifier 
  • Trunk Organizer  

There are some things you can do for your vehicle without being a car expert. These five things can boost your car’s efficiency or simplify your commute.  

Driving Green(er): Exploring Energy-Saving Technology in Cars  

These technology improvements prove that at least some vehicle improvements are saving us energy, money or both. Let’s take a closer look at some energy saving technology in cars, including:  

  • Engine Technology  
  • Transmission Technology  
  • Hybrid Technology    
  • Other Methods  

Want to be green? If you’re inspired by some of the ideas in this blog, in might be time to consider incorporating some energy-saving technology in your vehicle.    

The Pros and Cons of Dash Cams 

Whether you have a camera in your car or not, chances are you have a strong opinion about the matter. In this article, Copart attempts to unearth why dash cams are so polarizing. Are they useful accessories to your daily commute or invasive distractions? Let’s find out!   

Copart explores the passionate opinions people have about dash cams in The Pros and Cons of Dash Cams

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