4 Holiday Vehicle Decorations That Are Over the Top

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t’s getting to be that time of the year—soon you’ll start seeing vehicles decorated with bows, red noses, wrapping paper and more. Vehicle decorations can be a fun way to express holiday cheer, but there are also some decorations that might be a little much for the road.  

In this blog, we’re channeling our inner Grinch to examine four holiday decorations that should not be put on cars. Don’t get us wrong, we love the holidays just as much as anyone else, but there’s a line between “Oh, that’s cool” and “WHAT IS THAT?” 

Giant Turkey Legs 

We don’t see too many Thanksgiving decorations on the road, but that’s probably for a good reason. There’s nothing more off-putting than driving home after a delicious turkey feast to see a giant roasted turkey car chasing you down. Sure, it may seem like a cool idea, but messing with people post-turkey is just cruel.  

Giant Vertical Christmas Trees  

Transporting Christmas trees is one thing but mounting and decorating a tree on your car (along with lights and ornaments) might be too much. We get it, the holiday spirit is infectious, but that doesn’t mean people driving with giant trees on their cars have to take it upon themselves to personally be the harbinger of seasonal joy. It may be pretty to look at, but it doesn’t seem to be practical—what happens when they drive under an overpass?  

Lights. Lights Everywhere.  

Have you ever driven in front of someone with blinding flood lights on their car? It’s not a great experience. Now imagine that the lights aren’t just on the front of the car, but all around it; like a giant disco ball of holiday spirit. Granted, LED lights aren’t that bright, they are however, a hazard to drive next to, especially during the night.  

Standing Santa 

The only thing more terrifying than looking in your rear-view mirror to see a giant Christmas disco ball, giant tree, or roasted turkey-car behind you is seeing an inflatable Santa riding on a car hood. Ignoring the previous reasons, we’ve given for people not to do this—underpasses, distractions and practicality—it’s unsettling to see a human shaped figure on top of a car outside of a stunt in a movie. If you have to put a Santa on your car, maybe go for one that can stick to your dash inside the vehicle, so you don’t traumatize other drivers.  

We don’t want to put a stopper in your holiday joy, but make sure to keep other drivers in mind if you decorate your car. Want a safe option? Try something like reindeer antlers sticking our of your windows. They’re fun and a lot safer than some of these other options.  

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