How to Become a Buyer at Copart

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Hey Dealers!

Did you know that you can buy from Copart as well as sell? That’s right—we have more than salvage cars. In fact, a lot of our inventory is from rental car companies, insurance companies, banks, finance companies and even other dealers!

It’s so easy to become a Member, we can put it in a three-step process:

  1. Go to to become a Copart Member—it’s free.
  2. Submit your dealer’s license and supporting documentation.
  3. Find a vehicle to bid on and increase your volume.

As a Basic Member, you can purchase one vehicle at a maximum purchase price of $1,000. But if you want to think bigger, we’d recommend increasing your Buying Power by upgrading to a Premier Membership.

With Premier, you can buy more volume, bid on multiple vehicles at the same time and skip the deposit each time your bidding limit is reached.

Register for a Copart Membership today. Or, if you want the best experience, get more information on the Premier Membership.

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