Boost Your Dealer Business With Copart

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Hey Dealers!

Brett Adair, Copart’s Vice President of Sales, has a very special message for you about how Copart can help your business grow. We’ve made an entire blog series about Copart Dealer Services and how selling and buying vehicles can strengthen your inventory.

Meet Brett Adair, Vice President of Sales at Copart

Think you know Copart? Hear the history from Brett Adair. He’ll tell you about a great opportunity to either buy cars from a variety of vehicle providers or to sell cars to the thousands of buyers across the globe.

What is Copart Dealer Services?

Do you have vehicles that have been sitting on your lot for the longest time? Need to make room for new arrivals? List your vehicles with Copart.

Dealers—Don’t Sell Locally, Sell Globally

Why sell locally when you can access a global buyer base? Copart has more than 175,000 vehicles up for auction daily in more than 200 locations across the world. Get the biggest audience for your cars, trucks, SUVs and more.

How to Become a Buyer at Copart

In addition to selling, you can also buy vehicles from Copart. Though we may have gotten our start in salvage vehicles, a lot of our inventory is from the following companies:

  • Rental car companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Finance companies
  • Other dealers

It’s easy for Dealers to benefit from selling and buying cars through Copart. Learn more by visiting our Dealer Services page.

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