Copart Lounges are Open in Ukraine

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Copart is no longer thousands of miles away for international Buyers! We’ve conveniently opened eight new Copart Lounges in Ukraine for Members to bid on and buy vehicles in person. These brand-new destinations are managed by the Caucasus Business Group, Copart’s trusted Authorized Representative in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

What is a Copart Lounge?

Copart Lounges are full-service hubs for Buyers from Ukraine and neighboring countries where our Authorized Representative offers first-class services to streamline the car-buying process.

How can a Copart Lounge benefit my needs?

These Lounges were constructed to keep your experience at Copart as fast and easy as possible with the convenience of:

  • Booking an appointment with Caucasus Auto Import online.
  • Interacting in person with a native-speaking representative.
  • Reviewing financing options in person for an easier payment process.
  • Coordinating international shipping and customs clearance in minutes.

Where are Copart Lounges?

There is currently one Copart Lounge in the Republic of Georgia as well as the eight new Lounges recently opened in Ukraine. Find your perfect destination to buy your favorite makes and models from Copart U.S.

Contact your conveniently located Copart Lounge for further information.

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