In Case You Missed it: Catch up on Copart Member News

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Attention, Copart Members—are you up to date on the latest Copart news announcements? Keep up with all things Copart through our Member News page! These articles help keep our Members well-informed on everything from our latest functionalities to online auction updates, vehicle features and holiday schedule changes. Keeping up with Member News articles will ensure you stay connected, knowledgeable and—most importantly—notified.

Here at Copart, our goal is to simplify your bidding and buying process as much as possible. In case you missed it, here are three of Copart’s recent announcements that can enhance your online auction experience:

Universal Spanish Queue

Last month, the Universal Spanish Queue became available to all 200+ Copart facilities. Because Copart has over 350 Spanish-speaking representatives nationwide, this feature keeps your wait time to under 30 seconds before you’re transferred—no matter where you’re located! By interacting with a native-speaking representative, you can avoid any possible miscommunication when discussing the steps of how to:

  • Find Brokers and inspection services.
  • Join auctions and place bids.
  • Make payments and calculate Member fees.
  • Schedule vehicle pickups or deliveries.

You can try out the Universal Spanish Queue feature by calling any one of our locations found on the Copart Locations page.

Driver’s Seat

Instead of navigating through different tabs on the website to access your Copart account information, we recently launched the “Driver’s Seat” feature, which keeps it all conveniently located on one page. Driver’s Seat allows you to:

  • Organize the bids you’ve placed.
  • Browse through your lot history.
  • View which upcoming payments are due.
  • Check on title status and much more.

Driver’s Seat can be located next to the Dashboard tab once you’ve signed in to your Copart account.

Updated Member Kiosks

Member Kiosks allow you to bid on your favorite cars, trucks and SUVs directly from your nearby Copart location. These hubs are especially convenient for our Buyers who prefer to view vehicles in person before placing their bids online as well as those without access to a mobile phone or desktop.

The Member Kiosks announcement also provides specific details on how to:

  • Properly log in and out of your account.
  • Conduct your kiosk bidding.
  • Place multi-lot bids, etc.

Check Out Member Kiosk Instructions Here >>

Make sure to stay informed and visit our Member News page to browse through all articles!

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