What to Do When You Win Your Dream Car

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Early this year we wrote about what you should do when you find your dream car—how and when to bid, and what to expect from the bidding process. Today we’re going to continue Karen’s journey to find out what you should do when you win a Copart auto auction.

Let’s catch up with Karen!

Ending the Auction

The last time we saw Karen, she was increasing her bid on a specific 2019 Honda Accord. With only 25 minutes left until the auction closed, it was mainly her versus another bidder (Austin). Before we check the outcome, let’s spend some time getting to know Austin.

Austin also lives in Tennessee and doesn’t have a business license either. On paper, Karen and he look like they would be evenly matched bidders, however Karen has one thing Austin doesn’t—a Premier Membership. Because of this, Karen doesn’t have to keep adjusting her deposit because she only has to make it one time (and it’s refundable). But Austin, unfortunately keeps losing time by increasing his deposit before he can make his bid. And now that the auction is at $6,000, he needs to constantly ensure he has a 10% deposit on file. Ultimately this is what causes him to lose and Karen to win.

Winning the Auction

Congratulations, Karen! She must be feeling pretty great about the auction experience since she was able to get the vehicle she wanted for less than what she budgeted. However, Karen knows she’ll still need to pay some additional fees when she picks it up. Thankfully she’s budgeted for that. Karen logs into her Copart account within three days and pays the total. Because she paid within three days (including the day of sale) she doesn’t have to worry about any late fees. She opts to pay using a credit card, because that’s where she has the most available funds. After the payment goes through, it’s time for Karen to arrange for the pickup of her vehicle. She wants to do this in a timely fashion so that she doesn’t have to pay any storage fees at the location.

Picking Up the Vehicle

Even though the Honda Accord is a Run and Drive vehicle, Karen knows she won’t be able to drive it off the lot and will need to arrange to have it transported or pick it up with a trailer herself. Since Karen doesn’t want to pay extra for shipping her vehicle, she decides to pick it up. Thankfully her sister has a flatbed truck she can use, so Karen calls the Tennessee location where she won the vehicle and schedules a pickup during normal business hours. She gives them her Member Number and the lot number of the Honda Accord she won and the local Copart location let’s her know that she’s good to go.

Going to the Location

Since loading is first-come, first served, Karen arrives early in the morning to pick up her vehicle. She’s one in a long line of people picking up vehicles, so she’s extremely grateful that she remembered to charge her phone. After watching an episode of her favorite show, they’re ready for her. The Copart employees help her load the car on the flatbed, and she’s able to take it home. Overall, it was a pretty quick process that ended up saving Karen thousands of dollars. But what will she do with her new Honda Accord?  Will she drive it for pleasure? Will she use it for parts? We’ll check in with Karen in a while to see what became of her winning vehicle but for now, why not experience the satisfaction of winning an auction yourself?

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