Top Buying Tips for Our International Buyers

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Copart is constantly growing and has never stopped looking for ways to improve our Members’ auction experiences. While we maintain our relationships with our domestic Members, we are extremely grateful for the international support we get from all around the world. Since the auction process for international Members is different compared to U.S. buyers, we are dedicating this blog to our non-domestic Members. Here are our top tips when buying from abroad:

Pay Attention Where You’re Bidding  
While the U.S. may seem like one cohesive unit, there are some locations that may cost you significantly more in shipping. Our Honolulu location, for example, is on an island and has slightly larger shipping fees compared to our U.S. mainland locations. With that being said, please pay attention to international shipping rates—not all U.S. locations will cost the same.

Title Pending Vehicles 
If you’re planning to bid on a title pending vehicle, you might want to think again. When a lot has a title pending status, that means the vehicle is not ready for pickup yet. In this case, it is highly likely that Copart storage fees will be added to your bill until the title is prepared. Also, your shipping company may charge you fees if they need to store your vehicle at their locations.

Vehicles With Special Document Types 
While browsing our auto auctions, you may encounter Copart vehicles with the following vehicle document types at Please do not bid on them, as these cars are subjected to export restrictions which prevent them from being shipped outside the United States:

  • Bill of Sale (BOS) 
  • Junk Receipt/ Junk Certificate 
  • Parts Only 
  • No Title Letter 
  • Dismantle or Scrap 
  • Scrap Certificate of Title 

Copart does not currently offer international shipping options. Instead, we recommend exploring third-party shipping options before bidding on a vehicle. You may refer to the following company (listed only for international buyers’ convenience) for inquiries regarding international shipping: EasyHaul

In addition, AutoBidMaster is our Shipping partner for Nigeria and Ghana:  

Name: Natalie Lukin 
Title: Director of International Buyer Services 
Skype: AutoBidMaster 
Buyer Services Phone: + 1 503 298 4300 
Viber:  +1 971 222 9938 
If you have other questions about international shipping, please contact us at and we will try to assist.  

Please note: Copart is not responsible for a vehicle’s condition once it leaves a Copart location. If the condition of the vehicle is not as described on lot details page during pickup, we recommend addressing it with the yard manager right away before the vehicle leaves the yard. 
Dealing with a Shipping Company 
Although Copart does not provide direct international shipping options, we want to make sure you know what to look for when dealing with a shipping company.  

  1. Vehicle Documents: You’ll need to see if your shipping company can help pick up a vehicle and send it to you. In case you purchase a title pending lot, please make sure the shipping company has a U.S. address where Copart can send the title. They will then have to forward the title to you by mail later. 
  2. Storage Fee: If you want to buy a title pending vehicle, please ask your shipping company if they can help store your car, and if so, how much the fee is. This way, you can compare the fee amount with Copart’s storage fees and go for the cheaper option. Just be aware that different Copart locations may charge different storage rates. You can find these amounts by contacting our locations
  3. Tax Refund: If you are charged with sales tax, we will need the following documents from your shipping company to refund you the sales tax.  
    • Bill of Lading (from Copart yard to a port in the United States) 
    • Bill of Lading (from a U.S. port to a port in your country) 
    • AES record 

We hope our tips can help ease our international Members’ minds. Now we invite you to start bidding today—more than 175,000 vehicles await you.  

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any concerns and questions. 

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