Top Buying Tips for Our International Buyers

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Copart is constantly growing and we are extremely grateful for the international support we get from all around the world. Even though the bidding process for International Buyers varies from the U.S. members, the difference between individual buyers and business buyers are still intriguing all the members. To clarify this information, here are our top buying tips for all international buyers:

What you Should Avoid when Placing Bids

  1. Avoid auctioning cars located in Hawaii – the cost of international shipping from Hawaii is usually much higher. We recommend bidding on cars near New Jersey (the US East Coast). For more information check out our Copart locations.
  2. Avoid offering cars with the following type of document, as they are subject to export restrictions:
    • Bill of Sale
    • Junk Certificate
    • Parts Only
    • No Title Letter
    • Dismantle or scrap (Dismantle or Scrap)
    • Scrap Certificate of Title

Title Pending Vehicles 
If you’re planning to bid on a title pending vehicle, you might want to think again. When a lot has a title pending status, that means the vehicle is not ready for pickup yet. In this case, it is highly likely that Copart storage fees will be added to your bill until the title is prepared. Also, your shipping company may charge you fees if they need to store your vehicle at their locations.

Vehicles With Special Document Types 
While browsing our auto auctions, you may encounter Copart vehicles with the following vehicle document types at Please do not bid on them, as these cars are subjected to export restrictions which prevent them from being shipped outside the United States:

  • Bill of Sale (BOS) 
  • Junk Receipt/ Junk Certificate 
  • Parts Only 
  • No Title Letter 
  • Dismantle or Scrap 
  • Scrap Certificate of Title 

With that said, we encourage you to pay attention to international shipping rates, not all locations in the U.S. They will cost the same as well as the type of document that the cars you wish to buy.

It is important to clarify that these instructions apply ONLY to buyers who reside outside the United States and wish to export cars from Copart USA to their countries.

Watch Out for the ‘Pending Title’ Lots

If you plan to bid for a vehicle with a pending title, you may want to reconsider this option. When a lot has a pending title status, that means the vehicle is not yet ready to be picked up. In this case, Copart storage fees are very likely to be added to your bill until the title is prepared. In addition, your shipping company may charge fees if you need to store your vehicle in its locations.

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