Only One More Day to Bid on These Exotic and Classic Cars!

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Earlier this week we posted about nine special supercars that have been put up for auction by Jeff Allen of Flat 12 Gallery. Some of these exotic and classic cars (shown below) are recognizable to fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, as well as the hit CBS show Interrogation. So, whether you’re an auto enthusiast, or just want to own a piece of cinema history, don’t miss your opportunity to own one of these nine star-studded cars.

The auction is rapidly approaching its end, so get your bids in for these cars—you only have hours left!  

Auction Tips

Because this is a special auction, we’ve created some auction tips for Copart Members who want to participate. Check them out below:

  • If you’re a Copart Basic Member, make sure you have a deposit on hand for uninterrupted bidding.
  • Want to bid on multiple cars at the same time without worrying about the deposit? Upgrade to a Premier Membership.
  • If the auction exceeds $100,000, you’ll need to contact the Copart Dallas yard directly to make additional bids.
  • In order to bid on these cars, you’ll need a business or dealers license. Don’t have a business license? No problem—you can contact a Broker to help you bid in this auction. 

For a limited time, Copart Members can bid on these cars in a special auction. Browse this collection of nine supercars and join the auction on Thursday, February 27!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Bid on these cars today!

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