Copart’s Auto Auction Crash Course

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In 2020 we resolved to give you a crash course into how Copart auto auctions work with our blog series: Copart’s Auto Auction Crash Course. Auction beginners and professionals alike were able to get the inside scoop into the auto auction world. We took you through everything from what you should know before bidding, to the discovery, buying and pickup process.

Let’s take a closer look at what we found in this blog series.

What Everyone Should Know Before Bidding on an Auto Auction

In our first blog, we took an objective look at what people should know before bidding on auto auctions. We looked for answers to common questions, in particular: “How Do I Know What I’m Bidding On?”

Want to see some of our solutions? Here are our top two:

  • Inspect the Pictures
  • Reviews Matter, But Do Your Research

If you want to get the full gist, check out the full blog here.


What to Do When You Find Your Dream Car

In one of our favorite blogs to date, we discussed what to do when you find your dream car online. And this time, we did something different by going through the entire discovery process with Karen. Here’s what we highlighted in this blog:

  • Vehicle Alert Emails
  • Checking the State Licensing Requirements
  • Viewing Vehicle Photos
  • Requesting a Condition Report
  • Starting the Auction

This is the first time we’ve followed a real person through the process, so if you’re not yet a Copart Member or new to online auto auctions read the full blog here.

 What to Do When You Win Your Dream Car

Curious what happened to Karen after the auction? After she won, we did a follow up blog that explored Karen’s journey all the way to picking up her car. We focused on the following areas:

  • Ending the Auction
  • Winning the Auction
  • Picking Up the Vehicle
  • Going to the Location

This blog is especially useful for those who just won their first Copart auto auction. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, follow what happened in the full blog here.

Hopefully this blog series has inspired you to join your own Copart auto auction. Check out what vehicles we have available and join an auction today

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