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Here at Copart, we strive to provide our Members with the best auction experience possible, and that means providing the information you need to feel confident in your bid. That’s why we’ve updated the Lot Details page with an enhanced layout, making it easier to access information about our vehicles. No matter if you’re bidding using your desktop or on-the-go with the Copart Mobile App, you’ll have access to even more information so that you feel confident on the lots you’re bidding on.

Let’s take a look at these enhancements.

Larger Images

With images, bigger is always better. Copart now has larger images available on our desktop site to help you examine each vehicle in more detail. This helps our Members get a closer view of any damage and a better grasp of a vehicle’s condition without having to visit the Copart location in person. Try it out today and see the difference!

Bidding Eligibility Details

We know bidding eligibility can sometimes be confusing, especially since each state has its own laws. But now, we’ve simplified that process for our Members. We added a widget to the Lot Details page that lets you see your bidding eligibility before you enter the auction. Check it out in the upper right-hand corner of the page (if you’re in desktop mode). The Eligibility Status will let you know whether you are able to bid on that particular vehicle. If you’re not eligible to bid, click on “Check Why?” for additional details.

Easier Access to Information

In addition to making eligibility easier, our updated Lot Details page will help you find vehicle information quickly and efficiently. You can locate information including: vehicle location, auction date, time and more in the top of the Lot Details page.

You’ll also notice a Shipping widget at the top of the page that can send you to the Shipping Estimate section. This section is extremely helpful for those who need to have their vehicle shipped, as it calculates additional delivery transportation fees based on your location.

New Options

We already provide our Members with essential information about our auction vehicles, but now you can learn more about the vehicle on which you are bidding. Simply click: “More Information” on any Lot Details page to view additional details about the vehicle including Vehicle Condition Reports, license requirements and Brokers pages based on the lot’s location.

Ready to experience the updated Lot Details page yourself? Find a vehicle to bid on and see what a difference more information can make in your Copart bidding process. We continuously make updates to our Copart Mobile App and website to give our Members the best possible experience.

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