Adjusting to Life in Your New Sports Car

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So, you finally won that sports car that you’ve had your eye on at a Copart auto auction? Congratulations! If you plan to drive your new sports car as your main vehicle, you’re probably going to observe some changes to your driving behavior over time. It’s amazing how quickly we can adapt when something precious enters our lives, so don’t be surprised when the following changes happen to you!

Navigating Parking Lots

If you’ve traditionally tried to score the most convenient parking space available, you might suddenly experience a desire to park far away from others. Why? Unfortunately, dings, scrapes and other minor damages tend to happen quite frequently in parking lots. All it takes is one overeager person in the parking space next to you to open their car door too quickly and your refurbished beauty now has a huge dent. While this isn’t the end of the world, it can be annoying, time consuming and sometimes costly to fix. That’s why some sports car owners park as far away from others as possible. (But at least they’re getting their steps in!)

Covered Parking

Similar to owning a motorcycle, driving a sports car will most likely make you hyper aware of the weather and availability of covered parking. Though most of us are used to driving in different types of weather, owning a sports car can make you second guess your travel plans if there’s even a small chance of inclement weather (like hail). Sun damage is a very serious concern as well, as prolonged exposure can damage the car’s paint. Thus, finding covered parking is essential to help keep your sports car in mint condition.


Gas prices might be one of the primary reasons most people don’t consider getting a sports car, but did you know there are quite a few gas efficient sports cars? U.S. News even made an article about it, naming the top 25 sports cars with great gas mileage. Your sports car might be more gas efficient than you initially thought!

And speaking of gas, some sports cars require or recommend you use premium fuel with a higher-octane rating. Make sure you do your research before you buy and budget accordingly. You won’t just be making insurance payments; you might also be buying more expensive gas. 

We know you want your sports car to stay in perfect condition, but at Copart we know more than most that’s not always possible. Don’t sweat the small things. Dings and dents can give a car character (provided it can still operate safely).

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