Best of Copart Blogs: How to Get Your Copart Vehicle

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We’re continuing our “best of” blog series to give you updated versions of our favorite blogs. This time, we picked a blog we created to answer one of our most requested topics: how to get your Copart vehicle. (You can see the original blog here.)

Copart now has more than 200 locations worldwide, which makes bidding and receiving purchased vehicle easier than ever before. But when it comes time to receive a purchase, what should you do? No need to worry, we’ve provided some options for you here.

There are multiple ways to collect your Copart auto auction vehicle purchase.

Picking Up Your Copart Vehicle

The most convenient way to collect a vehicle is to pick it up in person, especially if you happen to live close to the location from which you purchased. All you need to do to pick up a vehicle is pay in full and contact the location to schedule a pick-up time. Before you do this, we recommend having your Member Number and the lot number of the vehicle being picked up ready.

Once you get to the location on the agreed day, we will load your vehicle onto your transporter (we recommend using a flatbed truck). Please note that our loading process is primarily first come first serve. However, all heavy and medium-duty vehicles are self-load only.

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Shipping Within the U.S. 

Copart offers third-party shipping options throughout the U.S. via select tow providers. To see if this option is available to you, visit the Payments Due section immediately after winning your vehicle. In the Location & Delivery section of Payments Due, verify that your ZIP/postal code is correct, and then set up delivery by clicking the Order button.

You can also budget ahead of time by getting a shipping estimate under “Location & Delivery” on our auction pages. Simply enter your ZIP code to get your estimate.

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International Shipping

Before bidding on a car, truck or SUV in a Copart auto auction, Members who need to coordinate international shipping can calculate any possible additional fees to their total cost—shipping included. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to the “Shipping Estimate” section of any Lot Details page.
  2. Select “International” as well as the preferred destination and port.
  3. Scan the options and choose amongst a list of Copart-recommend shippers.

After that, the selected shipper will contact the Member and complete the process.

International Members also have two other additional shipping options:

  • Authorized Representatives – Find an authorized representative in select countries to help with buying and shipping.
  • Lounge Operators – Available in select countries, Copart Lounges help you with the buying and shipping process, as well as provide door to door service for your vehicle.

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Now that you know how to pick up and schedule delivery, why not try it out for yourself? Find your next Copart vehicle or register today!

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