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In our latest blog series, we revived some old (but good) Copart blogs that had great information and gave them a tune up. In doing so, we created arguably the most helpful blog series yet: The Best of Copart Blogs.  

This series is great for new bidders just getting into auto auctions, or people new to Copart who haven’t yet bid on the car of their dreams. Professional auction bidders can benefit from this series as well, especially if they will be arranging shipping.  

Let’s take a look at the highlights.  

10 Copart Terms and What They Mean 

In this blog, we took some of the most popular terms we use at Copart and defined them. This is especially beneficial to everyone, because not all bidders are going to be experienced with our terminology. We defined the following terms:  

  • Run and Drive 
  • Engine Start Program 
  • Enhanced Vehicle 
  • Seller Certified 
  • Current Bid 
  • Pre-Bid 
  • Repair Cost 
  • Pure Sale 
  • On Approval 
  • Reserve Price 

Curious to see what these Copart terms mean? Check out Best of Copart Blogs: 10 Copart Terms and What They Mean.  

How to Get Your Copart Vehicle 

In addition to defining terms, one of the most common questions we get here at Copart is “how do I pick up my Copart vehicle?” You have three basic options, but depending on your specific circumstances, one might suit you over another. That’s why we laid everything out for you in this updated blog that addresses the following situations:  

  • Picking up your Copart vehicle in person 
  • Shipping within the U.S. 
  • International shipping  

Whether you choose to pick up or arrange delivery, this blog will direct you to the resources you need to have a successful Copart experience. For more information read the complete blog.  

We’ll continue to expand this blog series to bring you the most important topics all in one place. Have a question about participating in a Copart auto auction? Let us know in the comments below.  

Want to bid on your next vehicle at Copart? Participate in our 100% online auto auctions. If you’re not a Member yet, you can register today!   

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