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Here at Copart, we’ve seen some pretty cool vehicles come our way. We’ve featured cars that were built for film and television and even a race car with a rich and surprisingly well-documented legacy. But today we have something that’s extremely unique—a satellite uplink truck with equipment.

Typically, these kinds of trucks are used to provide remote television broadcast, as they are filled with technology that’s capable of transmitting high quality video and sound back to studios. But they are also used by security companies for monitoring live surveillance, as well as acting as mobile command centers for crisis communications.

Because satellite uplink trucks are mostly considered fixed load vehicles, they often require commercial licenses to operate. The reason they are fixed load vehicles is because the weight of the vehicle rarely changes (save for gas and occupancy) and the equipment is built into the truck itself. Typically, satellite uplink trucks come with the following equipment:

  • Onboard power source
  • Video production and editing equipment
  • Character generators for on-screen graphics
  • Video servers

That means anyone with a need for video recording or editing equipment could wind up getting quite the deal if they ever got the chance to bid on one. And fortunately for those individuals, that chance is now. On September 9, we’ll be putting this 2008 Freightliner Satellite Uplink Truck up for auction with its equipment included. Here are the details:

 Valued at $750,000 this white heavy-duty satellite truck for sale has keys and uses diesel. It comes with a 8.3L 6 Engine and has around 300,000 miles on it.

Take a look at the equipment included INSIDE the truck (and yes, the chairs are included):

Want to own your own satellite uplink truck? Or just want the equipment? Become a Copart Member and bid today.

Special Auction Tips

Because this is a special auction, we’ve created some auction tips for Copart Members who want to participate. Check them out below:

  • If you’re a Copart Basic Member, make sure you have a deposit on hand for uninterrupted bidding.
  • Want to bid on multiple cars at the same time without worrying about the deposit? Upgrade to a Premier Membership.
  • If the auction exceeds $100,000, you’ll need to contact the Copart West Warren yard directly to make additional bids.
  • In order to bid on these cars, you’ll need a business or dealers license. Don’t have a business license? No problem—you can contact a Broker to help you bid in this auction. 

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