See How a Copart Germany Member Rebuilt a Damaged Tesla

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We’re all about success stories here at Copart. Recently, Stanislav Sidnyev, a Copart Germany Member from Poland, successfully transformed a damaged Tesla into a car that’s fit for the road.

His completely repaired a non-functioning 2019 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range car he got from a Copart Germany auction. After Stanislav successfully won it, he spent three weeks fixing both the mechanical and cosmetic damage.

The Tesla from Copart was significantly damaged on the side.

Though he’s a professional rebuilder (he owns an automotive repair shop), this was his first Tesla rebuild project. Due to his location in Europe, the rebuild process ended up being a bit more challenging due to there not being very many Tesla part suppliers in his area.

After Stanislav’s repairs.

However, he eventually got the parts he needed and successfully completed his repair. You can really see his attention to detail in the before and after pictures. It just goes to show—hard work and dedication definitely pays off.

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