Learn More About the 16-Year-Old Race Car Driver Sponsored by Copart

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Ike Bevin poses with a trophy next to the car he won it in. the 16-year-old driver is now sponsored by Copart as part of Lee Faulk Racing.
Ike Bevin

At 16 years old, Isaac “Ike” Bevin is one of the youngest drivers in the Late Model Stock Car series and a new addition to the Lee Faulk Racing team. He also just landed a major sponsorship from Copart.

We sat down with Ike for a Q&A to learn more about him, his life, and his racing experiences for our sponsorship website. We ran out of space on the page for all of Ike’s answers, so we decided to share a little bit more of what he had to say here.

Q: What got you interested in racing? 

A: I’ve always loved playing with toy cars, looking at cars, building model cars, reading about cars and especially, watching the movies, Cars 1, Cars 2 & Cars 3. I also was blessed to be born with what professional drivers have referred to as a good racing instinct or “racing IQ.”

Q: How much training do you do weekly / daily? 

A: I am intentional about eating well and staying physically fit. Driving requires a great deal of physical and mental stamina. I have a simulator set up for iRacing which I use at least once per day, with at least one or more hours per session. This is the same program that many of the NASCAR pros use. It allows for super realistic live races against other drivers from around the world. In some ways iRacing is more difficult than real racing because you tend to have less visceral feedback from the car in simulation than you experience on the live track. You can adjust everything in iRacing in the setup of your car, and race multiple types of cars on multiple tracks It is very, very realistic due to the accurate laser scanning of all the tracks and all of the vehicles. Typically (but not always), before a live race, there is ample opportunity to test/practice the car on the track the day before and sometimes the day of the race as well. 

Q: Do you have any pre-race rituals?  

A: I eat light before the race, have a Ketone drink and typically something with some protein. I always put my racing gear on in a certain order before getting in the car. 

Q: What is one of the memorable moments you’ve had in regard to racing? 

A: Just after I turned 13, I had an opportunity to drive the Toyota Camry Pace Car at Kentucky Motor Speedway, thanks to track manager Mark Simendinger. I remember falling in love with the sport. Before that, I had never driven a real car more than about 20 miles an hour on long driveways and in empty parking lots. That day in the Camry, with first my dad, and then a former NASCAR driver who happened to be at the track that day, sitting beside me in the car, I got up to 113 MPH on the straightaways. I did my fast lap in 54.5 seconds, which was a 99 MPH average, in a street car with standard street tires, shocks, brakes, seat belt, etc. It was thrilling! After that experience, I was more determined than ever to pursue racing as my career if at all possible. 

Q: Who is your rival on the track? 

In Legend cars, I would say my closest rivals include guys like Parker Eatmon (NC), Nikita Johnson (NC), Ethan Nascimento (CA) and Gio Ruggiero (MA). For late models, it will be determined as I continue to move through the ranks, but certainly my teammate, Brandon Rogers would be a friendly rival because we will have the same type of car set up by the same team at Lee Faulk Racing. Brandon is a few years ahead of me in both age and experience and is an excellent driver. I am looking for to learning from him and hopefully challenging him at the same time.  

Q: You have any brothers and sisters?  Do they help out at races much? 

A:  I have six sisters and two brothers! They are not an official part of my crew, but they and my parents are my biggest fans, which is awesome. My youngest brother is into lots of sports, and he drives indoor karts a bit, but none of the siblings are race car drivers. Most of my sisters are in college. Grace is 22, the twins Mackenzie and Madison are 20, Olivia is 19, Sophia is 19, Lydia is 16, Jonah is 14 and Danny is 11. 

Q:  What is the fastest you have driven? 

A: Probably only about 115 mph in a Legend car on a Road Course…Perhaps about the same in a late model, but we don’t have speedometers, so I can’t be certain.  

Q:  Do you want to get into the Bell business someday and work w/ your dad/family? 

A: That company was founded in 1832 by my great, great, great, great-grandfather and three of his four brothers. Incidentally, their father’s name was Isaac also and he fought against the British during the American Revolution. There is lots of history at that little bell company, but my dad runs it largely as a labor of love because it was going to go out of business about 10 years ago. Although it is the last company of its kind in North America, it does cash flow itself and creates more than 20 jobs that help people pursue their individual versions of the American Dream…The company made the bell that gave “Clarence” his wings in the Christmas movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, made the ship bell on the USS Maine that was sunk in Havana Harbor to set off the Spanish-American War. They also make all the bells for Salvation Army Kettle ringers, made the first ever bicycle bell, boxing bells for many famous championship fights, the bell that used to open and close the New York Stock Exchange, etc. Maybe when it turns 200 years old, I might take over the reins as the 7th generation owner/operator. Who knows? 

Q: Where do you want to go to college? 

Well, I am currently a sophomore in high school and not sure yet where I want to go to college. I am going to be taking some dual-credit courses this year at Liberty University in Virginia, so perhaps I might end up going there. So much will depend on my racing schedule and the level I am competing at when I finish high school. I am interested in business and finance, as that can open a lot of potential career doors. I also would like to own my own business someday when my racing career is finished. Hopefully, that will be many years down the road! 

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