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Who doesn’t like getting something for free? So, think about the bonus you can get with a dirt bike that’s off-road capable AND VERY FAST. Performance is included at no extra charge! With this idea in mind, we’ve put together a list of super-speedy dirt bikes that are perfect for motocross and backwoods trails. Check out our favorites. 

Honda CRF 

  • Top Speed: 87 mph 
  • Engine Size: 450cc 

The admirable Honda CRF is an easy choice for any motocross rider. In this case, the CRF just happens to be one of the fastest dirt bikes on the market. Moreover, a regular flow of improvements like upgraded launch control and clutch lifter make this Honda even more appealing. On top of mechanical updates, new features like a reworked battery box help with a lower center of gravity and better agility. 

Yamaha WR 

  • Top Speed: 89 mph 
  • Engine Size: 250cc 

With its small engine size and top speed capability, the Yamaha WR may just be the ideal “pocket rocket” for dirt or asphalt. Also, whether in new or used form, the WR offers a solid value backed by Yamaha’s reputation for quality and durability. And while fuel economy may be the last thing on a rider’s brain, the WR’s estimated 71 mpg rating makes one more trail run a sure thing. Keep an eye on our Yamaha inventory to see if a WR becomes available soon.

Kawasaki KX 

  • Top Speed: 89 mph 
  • Engine Size: 450cc 

What list of motorcycles is complete without including at least one Kawasaki? With this in mind, the Kawasaki KX deserves attention for its near-perfect blend of power and performance. In addition, the company’s championship reputation in the 450 motocross class and numerous awards make this bike even more appealing. Toss in the KX’s electric start and a compact, light frame, and this motorcycle has “winner” written all over it. 

Suzuki DR-Z  

Suzuki DR-Z motorbike for sale at
  • Top Speed: 94 mph 
  • Engine Size: 400cc  

Suzuki’s reputation for reliability is just one benefit of the DR-Z dirt bike. Equally impressive is that the DR-Z only needs a 400cc engine to hit 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. In addition, some DR-Z riders report reaching a 114 mph top speed. Regardless of the actual top-end figure, this Suzuki is well-suited for on- and off-road tasks thanks to a 302 lb. dry weight, adjustable suspension, and electric start. Looking for your own DR-Z? This 2020 model might be a great place to start.  

Kawasaki KLR  

  • Top Speed: 98 mph 
  • Engine Size: 650cc 

We couldn’t resist adding a second Kawasaki to the list, albeit one with more power and speed. The KLR offers solid off-road capabilities, but is perhaps a bit more street-oriented. Nonetheless, its power will put a smile on your face regardless of location. On the practical side, a 300-mile range and luggage rack make the KLR an ideal dual-sport bike option. 


  • Top Speed: 98 mph 
  • Engine Size: 350cc 

KTM’s corporate cousin, Husqvarna, doesn’t deserve all the attention on our list of fastest dirt bikes (as you’ll discover further down). But, significantly, the SX-F’s 350cc engine offers a “sweet spot” for performance with torque approaching a larger powerplant, but the compactness close to a 250cc engine. Additionally, other strong points include a bike weight of 237 lbs., electric start, and a five-speed transmission. No wonder this KTM bike has championship credentials.  

Husqvarna FE 

  • Top Speed: 101 mph 
  • Engine Size: 510cc 

You can’t talk about dirt bikes and not include Husqvarna in the conversation. The Husqvarna FE packs together the ideal combination of off-road durability with street-legal performance. The FE’s impressive stats, including a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds, is due to its modest weight and top-flight components like a WP suspension and Brembo brakes. In addition, as Husqvarna is part of KTM motorcycles, the brand shares a strong reputation for reliability with its parent company. 

MuZ Baghira 

  • Top Speed: 102 mph 
  • Engine Size: 660cc  

Dirt bike enthusiasts may shed a tear that the MuZ Baghira has been out of production for more than a decade, making this classic a bit of a unicorn. However, when you can find a Baghira, be prepared for a beastly riding experience with exhilarating top speed but slightly underwhelming initial acceleration. Given its speed and engine size, the Baghira is best suited for an experienced rider. 

Honda XR  

Honda XR for sale at
  • Top Speed: 110 mph 
  • Engine Size: 650cc  

With a story that goes back almost 30 years, the Honda XR enjoys legendary status in the dirt bike world. Riders appreciate the XR’s robust suspension, capable off-road tires, and generous ground clearance. In addition, the air-cooled single-cylinder engine generates a respectable 40 hp and a gutsy 47 lb.-ft of torque, more than enough for tearing up the trails or cruising the streets. This 2020 XR650L, available at our CrashedToys Dallas location, will go quickly once it’s ready for auction.  

Husqvarna TX  

  • Top Speed: 112 mph 
  • Engine Size: 300cc  

The Husqvarna TX is a standout for many reasons, but mainly because you can reach 112 mph with only a 300cc engine. Of course, that extra oomph comes from the TX’s two-stroke powerplant (the only one on our list). Through its parent company, KTM, the Husqvarna TX receives kudos for a continuous stream of improvements, including a lower-weight frame, enhanced stability and rigidity, and a more capable suspension. Keep an eye on our Husqvarna inventory at this link. Plus, anything with TX in the title has to meet Texas-sized standards.

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