Why You Should Buy a Flood-Damaged Car

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When Hurricane Ida struck, she swept from the Gulf Coast up into the Northeast, bringing tons of rain and flooding with her. As a result, Copart has a huge selection of Flood Damaged Cars. Despite what you may have heard, buying a flood-damaged car can be an excellent thing to do if you are an informed consumer. Here are some of the reasons you should consider bidding & winning a flood damaged car on Copart’s all online auctions.

Copart Can Help You Be an Informed Buyer

Knowledge is crucial when buying flood damaged cars. You’ll want to know the status of its title, what kind of flooding it was involved in, and what kind of damage it has sustained. Fortunately, Copart has you covered on all of these with our Copart Vehicle Condition Report, where we’ll inspect the vehicle from bumper to bumper. We also have Other Reports that can tell you the title status of the vehicle, and its full history. That way you can bid intelligently and find the flood damaged vehicle that will fit your needs.

Flood Damaged Cars Sell for a Steep Discount

Many flood damaged cars come to auction because the insurance company has deemed them not worth the money to repair.

With the shortage of used cars and prices inflated some 25% over last year, a flood-damaged car can be low-cost inventory or a personal commuter.

And speaking of how many flood cars still work, remember that not all damage was inflicted equally.

Flood Damage is Relative

Flood damage can vary a great deal. Not every car was completely drowned in water for days. Some just have flood water reach the tires, the floorboards, or damaged the upholstery. Others may have similarly limited damage to one or more mechanical or electrical system that can be repaired or replaced.

To help inform our customers, we mark the line showing how far up on the car the water rose. This can help you estimate the damage the vehicle sustained.

The type of water they were flooded with also matters. Salt water corrodes and damages vehicles a lot more than fresh water. For example, the rains from Hurricane Ida produced fresh water flooding.

Copart also starts the repair process on many cars by extracting the water from the vehicles and giving them an anti-fungal and anti-mold treatment. You can learn more about the process in the video below.

They Can Be Repaired

Even if you find a car with mechanical or electrical flood damage, many times a good mechanic can fix them. For those with an automotive aptitude, this means you could get a car at a steep discount, fix it, drive it, or sell it.

Flood cars can also make good bases for restoration and repair project cars. For the hobbyist, a flood car auction is a great place to find that next auto to augment. If you already have a project car, flood cars can be great parts cars.

You Can Find Great Deals on Exotics Too

There is an old proverb that the rain falls on everyone, rich or poor. As a result, some top-notch exotics become available at some incredible discounts. For example, we have a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. With a used price tag of around $200,000, a flood-damaged one will go for substantially less. This opens up the dreams of revving the 10 cylinder, 525ish horsepower engine and going from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds to a much wider audience.

You can also find late models of makers like Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Audi. And if you want to let out your inner James Bond, we even have an Aston Martin DB9 as well.

So, whether you need a low-cost ride, cheap inventory, a project car or a parts car, flood cars can meet your needs at a great discount. Copart can help you find the vehicle that meets your needs. Good luck.

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