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This edition of our blog will make you really glad you learned how to fix cars.

The Story of the Ferrari

There are few brands that have become such a part of the public conscience that you immediately know what they make and why it’s different. One such enduring brand in the automotive realm is Ferrari. While founder Enzo Ferrari’s passion was racing, the company has made some of the most head turning, high performance road cars in the world. The first car to bear the Ferrari name was made in 1947 and sold two units. Fast forward 75 years, and the top year sales were around 10,000. Every car is viewed as an individual. For many people, the Ferrari is a thing of beauty and admiration that rests completely beyond their reach. But with Copart, that doesn’t have to be the case for the automotively skilled.

Copart gets exotic cars like Ferraris for auction from insurance, rental and finance companies with minor physical or mechanical issues. Someone with good working knowledge of engines, electronics and body repair can own one of the most dreamed of automobiles in the world at a pretty-steep discount. Here are some of our favorites coming up for auction soon.

2014 Ferrari California

It’s red. It’s a hard-topped convertible. It’s a Ferrari. There isn’t much more we need to say about this 4.3 liter V8 automatic other than it needs some front-end work and mechanical repairs.

2017 Ferrari California T

If your preference leans more to the sleek, black speedster, we have this 2017 Ferrari California T that needs some mechanical work.   Even if you don’t get it running, it works as one heck of a sign for any business to grab attention from passing drivers. This model has a 3.9 liter V8 with an automatic transmission. If you ever get down to Georgia, take a look.

2018 Ferrari 488 GTB

The flood waters did a number on this Ferrari, but it still is a joy to the eye. It could make a great prop for a photo shoot, your car lot, or your driveway. And if you are a devoted hobbyist, this may be a good project to bring back to life. A Ferrari restoration is always welcome in our annual Rebuild Challenge photo contest.

2018 Ferrari California T

This is another example of a car that looks great but was water damaged in a flood. While that may scare the average buyer, for those with the skills, this means a project with tremendous rewards.

Ferrari shop manuals and wiring diagrams are widely available online and a quick Google search can find lots of online communities willing to help you bring these supercars roaring back to the highways and byways.

So, for someone with the skills, you can own a Ferrari for incredible discounts if you buy it at auction from Copart. With some work and love from the right hands, these Ferraris can become the flashiest ride in town, the county or even the whole state. Be sure to add these to your Copart Watchlist. And if you buy and repair one, let us know. We’d love to congratulate you, shake your hand, and go for a ride.

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