About the Copart Community Blog

There are two things you look for every time you buy a car: value and price. If one isn’t up to par with the other, it’s not a good deal.

Luckily, Copart’s business philosophy revolves around these very two things.

Founded in 1982 in by Willis J. Johnson, Copart started as a small salvage yard in Vallejo, California. Johnson’s business values placed emphasis on the buyer/seller relationship: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. From junk to gold, from salvaging to saving, Johnson worked to make you, the buyer, benefit the most from your purchases.

At Copart, our mission is to create value and opportunity through vehicle auctions and exchange. We strive to always be a leading global auto auction company, as well as providing the best options for our buyers everywhere.

No matter what you’re looking for, chances are we have it and we’re selling it at an affordable price – a price set by you, the auction participant! (And hey, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, go ahead and set up a Vehicle Alert on our website.)

In addition to our online auctions, we’re bringing you the Copart Community blog, featuring vehicle-related topics like interesting or unusual inventory, tips for vehicle buyers and owners, and news about the automotive industry. It’s our goal to not only connect vehicle buyers and sellers worldwide, but also to educate our Members so that they become smarter, savvier consumers, whether buying for personal or business use.

Copart places the highest value in fostering the best Copart community possible. We invite you to follow us, read our blog, and become a part of the Copart experience by registering for Membership with us.

Visit us at Copart.com to learn more!


    1. HI Mayra! Apologies for the delay.
      First you’ll need to become a registered Member. You can register for free here, just make sure you have a valid government-issued form of identification ready to upload. Since the license approval process takes between 5-7 business days, I recommend reading up on our How to Buy pages in the meantime so you’re ready to bid and buy as soon as your license has been approved: https://www.copart.com/overview/?intcmp=web_footer_howtobuyoverview_en

    1. Hi Hector! Apologies for the delay.
      For future reference, per Copart’s Terms and Conditions, all bids are final. However, if you would like to discuss the possibility of relisting the vehicle in auction, please contact the Copart location where the vehicle was purchase. Please note there is no guarantee that the vehicle can be relisted.

  1. Horrible customer service. Employee was talking to another employee saying I was young and should be able to get somewhere to print out the documents instead of her sending them to me in mail Like I asked.

    1. We apologize for your experience. Feel free to send us a private Facebook message with the details of the Copart location for further assistance.

  2. I can’t take a picture of my ID to finish my application.
    I browse files and hit take pic and my camera is a black screen.
    It’s not asking me to link my camera. I think that’s the problem..
    Any help?

    1. Hi Armistead! We recommending scanning your actual license instead of taking a photo of the license.

    1. Hi Keyshawn, we recently made some improvements to our registration and simplified it into a three-step process. If you’re still having an issue, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

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