How to Build Your Own Sports Car

Less than 20 years ago, a book was published in the U.K. called “Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250.” It’s now out of print, but Ron Champion’s book is credited for starting a movement of regular people creating a space in their garages to build a sports car for themselves. If you are interested in tinkering with vehicle parts and want to build your own sports car, here are a few tips:

  • Do your “how-to” research online – Many automotive builders post YouTube videos of the process they use for different tasks. There are also hundreds of Q-and-A chat rooms where readers provide feedback for different questions asked. Bookmark these videos and pages so you can find them as you proceed through the process of building your sports car. Another book that is available is “How to Build a Cheap Sports Car” by Keith Tanner.


  • Check your state’s laws on regulations for home-built cars. States may require an inspection by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and often have special rules when it comes to using a donor car and VIN numbers. If you plan on driving your home-built car once it’s finished, be sure you get it registered. Knowing your state’s laws prior to building your car might help save heartache during the registration process.


  • Find donor parts – Junkyards, online classified websites and online auctions like will probably give you the best listings of vehicles that could provide the donor frame, as well as all the parts you’ll need to build your own sports car. The research you do prior to searching for parts will help you determine make, model and year of the donor cars you’re interested in, allowing you to do a quick search on the online sites

Lo que se debe saber antes de ir a una subasta  de autos

Si no viene de una familia donde los coches se mantienen en excelentes condiciones y, a continuación, se pasan a través de las generaciones para convertirse en los vehículos clásicos, va a tener que hacer compras alrededor para encontrar el coche clásico que desea agregar a su colección de automóviles.

Un gran lugar para hacer compras primero para modelos más viejos es a través de sitios de subasta en línea como La selección de vehículos cambia constantemente, así que asegúrese de consultar con frecuencia para ver si un vehículo que desea comprar está disponible para pujar. También se puedes registrar para recibir alertas y ser notificado cuando nuevos vehículos clásicos están en subasta.

Algunas cosas que debe saber antes de ir de compras para los coches clásicos en una subasta incluyen:

  • Su presupuesto – no hace falta decir que no coloque una oferta más alta que lo que pueda. También recuerde, su presupuesto debe incluir los costos de transporte del auto. Los coches clásicos son a menudo puestos a subasta para ser vendidos como partes, lo que se traduce en gastos de envío. O, si el vehículo se puede manejar, todavía necesitará comprar pasajes de avión y contratar un coche de alquiler para llegar a donde se encuentra el vehículo si el vehículo se encuentra muy lejos de usted. Los gastos de envío pueden variar dependiendo de distancia. Visite para más información sobre los costos para los coches de envío.
  • Vea el auto en persona – Copart ofrece fotos, descripciones detalladas escritas y un enlace a los servicios de inspección de los vehículos disponibles para la subasta. Sin embargo, si usted es el tipo de persona que quiere revisar posibles compras en persona, puede configurar una visita para ver el auto y tendrá que agregar tiempo adicional y gastos de viaje a su programa y presupuesto para manejar esto. Para vehículos clásicos, puede ser especialmente importante revisar que (partes) del vehículo son originales y lo que ha sido actualizado.
  • Formas aceptables de pago – algunas subastas requieren que el dinero seá pagado al momento en que las ofertas se cierran y el vehículo es declarado “vendido”. Es una buena idea saber antes de pujar si el efectivo es aceptado,  si se permiten las tarjetas de crédito o alguna otra forma de pago es necesaria.  Algunos lugares, como en Copart, se aceptan cheques de caja, lo que significa que usted necesitará tener acceso a su banco para hacer los trámites.
  • Un plan para llevar el vehículo hasta su garaje – Como mencionamos anteriormente, la casa de subastas querrá que usted haga planes de transportación para llevarse el vehículo. Asegúrese de tener en cuenta si desea comprar un coche que puede conducirse, o si está bien con un auto que usted puede poner su corazón y su alma en traer a su forma original. *

The number of classic cars available for sale via auction might surprise you, so if you’re in the market for purchasing an older model vehicle, be sure to check sites out like

Road Worthy Zamboni

If you have ever been to a Hockey game or spent time in an ice arena, you have likely noticed the machine that is used to resurface the ice for skating called a Zamboni. And if you are anything like me, you have probably wanted to ride in one… Well, here is your chance!

Copart is auctioning off a (Faux) Zamboni on June 25th in Minneapolis, MN! This Zamboni, unlike most, is road worthy and can get up to 75 MPH.  Place your bids to win this once in a lifetime Zamboni!


 1984 CHEVROLET K10 – Zamboni

  • Lot# 20671524
  • Runs and Drives
  • Speeds up to 75 MPH
  • Seating for 12 people
  • Sale Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2014!

Place your bids here:

What to know before buying a Used RV

shutterstock_37766362 450-SFWMotorhomes are perfect for seeing the country and traveling the wide-open roads. New recreational vehicles are a great way to start your journey, but often they can be a bit expensive. What do you need to know before you purchase a used RV?

Like any used vehicle, be sure to conduct a history report using the RV’s VIN number. This will provide you with the miles it has traveled, if it’s been in any accidents and the number of previous owners.

But there’s more to buying a used RV. Here are some tips:

  •  Intended use – If you plan to drive the motorhome across the country year after year, you will want to check the gas mileage and look for a used RV that performs a bit better.
  • Ask how recently the RV was used – If it’s been sitting for a couple of years in the backyard, there is a chance you’ll need to do some maintenance on the engine as well as areas inside the living quarters if animals got into the interior.
  • Look at the roof – like a home, the RV’s roof is designed to keep out the elements. This is one non-mechanical feature of the RV that needs frequent inspection and care to keep the seams sealed against rain and snow. And, like a home, a leaky RV roof can lead to internal damages resulting in costly repairs.

With these tips in mind, check out the used RVs for sale at and start planning your next road trip!

113073_771659There have been TV shows dedicated to flipping houses and automobiles, and if you have the mechanical skills and are a bit of a risk taker, you might be interested in starting up a hobby, or even a side career, flipping motorcycles. Before starting on this journey, keep some things in mind:

  • You want to do good work. When shopping around for a motorcycle to flip, keep in mind your mechanical abilities. For example, bikes that have been dropped on their side might just need some part replacements and new paint. And motorcycles that sat around unused for several years may just need a good tune-up. But broken down motorcycles that need new engines or suspensions might not be a worthwhile investment for flipping.
  • You’ll need parts. People who flip vehicles and houses don’t want to hold on to the investment any longer than needed. Before purchasing a broken down motorcycle, first consider what parts you may need and their cost. If the parts are available to you quickly, you’ve got a head start in flipping the motorcycle.
  • Where do you find the perfect motorcycle? If you’re connected to other motorcycle riders, you may happen upon a flippable machine via word of mouth. However, that process can take a long time. If you’re interested in starting now so you’ll have the bike ready for sale when the weather warms, check out, an online auction that sells vehicles of all shapes, sizes, makes and models. Do a quick search to find motorcycles and browse the options to find the perfect bike for flipping.

Many people involved in flipping motorcycles do it more as a hobby because they enjoy bringing the machines back to life for another enjoyable ride down the road. But it is a hobby that can be profitable if you start off with the right bike and know what you’re doing when fixing it up.

Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Trucks on Copart

Are you looking for Heavy Duty or Medium Duty equipment to supplement your business? Copart has hundreds of Tractor Trailers up for auction each week.  From Box Trucks to 18 wheelers, we have trucks of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you are looking for parts to fix a different vehicles, a truck with limited damage to fix up, or one to just drive off the lot, you are sure to find a truck that meets your needs on Copart.  If you have a specific vehicle type in mind, you can break down you search results by Body Style, Make, Model and more.

The tractor trailers listed on Copart come from private trucking companies, equipment rental companies, among other businesses that maintain their own fleet vehicles.  Fleet vehicles are often disposed of in a fleet turnover.  For example, a company might get rid of many clean, fully drivable trucks regardless of mileage, simply because they have a written policy to keep their average vehicle age under a certain year!shutterstock_135712328

Find the heavy duty or medium duty truck you are looking for today!

If you aren’t a Copart Member yet, no problem! Getting registered is Free and takes under 60 seconds.  Click here to get started.

Keep your forklift in top shape to get the job done correctly

113075_797025A business that needs a forklift to maneuver heavy loads in warehouses and loading trucks will struggle if the forklift isn’t running in tip-top shape during working hours. Here are some tips to maintain the forklift for continuous use during business hours:

  • Keep a maintenance schedule – Just like any other automotive vehicle, follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes and replacing specific parts. Post this schedule – and the dates each item is completed – in a well-trafficked area of the business to ensure it stays top-of-mind.
  • Have replacement parts available – A flat tire, damaged hydraulics or something else breaking can stop profits immediately, and for a long time – especially if you have to order repair parts. Keep spare parts and an extra set of tires on hand. Consider purchasing a used forklift of the same make and model from which you can take parts needed for a quick repair job. Use online auction sites  like to find used forklifts listed, allowing you to stay within budget but also to gather a good set of spare parts.
  • Battery vs. gas – Many businesses using forklifts are switching to battery-operated machines to help save on fuel costs. If your company is using a fuel-run forklift, be sure to keep extra fuel available on site every day of business. And if you have a battery-run forklift, experts in the industry recommend keeping the battery above 20 percent charge, only plugging the battery in when needed, and never doing a “fast charge.” All of these are to help extend the life of the battery. In addition, be sure to add the battery to the maintenance schedule noted above.

With the forklift operating, business can continue without delay.

Win a one-of-a-kind 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 (Lot #27345801) on Tuesday, April 8th, during the Indianapolis auction.

Owned by Copart, the ’95 Chevy

Camaro is signed on the dashboard by award-winning drag racing champions, father-son duo Kenny and Brandon Bernstein. Check it out here: Autographed CamaroThe Chevy Camaro is being sold as pure sale, so no seller reserves or approvals are needed. Please note, however, that Indiana requires business licenses or the help of a Broker, so plan ahead if you’re not licensed and you want to bid.

Proceeds from the sale of the car will benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Nationwide was one of 50 hospitals recognized in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2013-2014 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings for all specialties. This is the eighth consecutive year for Nationwide to receive this honor.

Camaro Promotion - Kenny and Brandon Bernstein -27345801_1X








Next steps to take:

  1.         Join Copart (or log in if you’re already a Member)
  2.         Add this item to your Watchlist
  3.         Review Indiana licensing requirements
  4.         Make sure you have enough Buying Power
  5.         Place your pre-bids
  6.         Join the auction on April 8th at 10 a.m. EST

Reasons to Purchase a Former Police Car

shutterstock_3010883-450SFWEvery municipality with law enforcement officers will trade out the vehicles driven by those officers on a relatively frequent basis. These vehicles will be stripped of any law-enforcement equipment and are then usually put up for auction – often through sites like

If you’re looking for a new (used) vehicle, consider looking for a former police car. Here are some reasons why:

* They’re well-built. Police cars tend to be beefed-up versions of traditional models. The modifications might include a stronger suspension, larger engine or stronger electronics. When cities are finished using the vehicles, these upgrades often stay with the vehicle when it is auctioned.

* They’re well-maintained. Officers rely on these cars to work – at all times. They might be called upon to drive at faster speeds. They might need to get through all types of weather. Because of this, cities keep their law enforcement vehicles under strict maintenance schedules. Depending on the municipality, some of the law enforcement cars sent to auction may have relatively low mileages if the city chooses to replace vehicles on a more frequent basis.

* They have great replacement parts – If you are repairing a vehicle, former police cars are a great place to look for parts you may need. Because they’ve been well maintained, you have a good chance that the parts you need are in good shape.

* They’re less expensive – Municipalities aren’t trying to make money off selling their former law enforcement vehicles. You may be able to find a deal.

Like any car at auction, it’s always a good idea to check over each vehicle you’re interested in purchasing carefully, so you know exactly what kind of car you are bidding on. Visit to check out all the vehicles currently up for auction, including former police cars.

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