Go Behind the Scenes at Copart’s Tampa South, Florida Location

In the fourth edition of our Virtual Video Tour series, go behind the scenes at the Copart – Tampa South, FL location with General Manager Mike Bishop and Assistant General Manager Geoff Gilardez. 

They’ll take you inside to the front counter, then to the back of the location. Along the way, the Tampa South Leadership Team offers important advice for new customers looking to have a quick and easy in-location experience before or after the live online auction.

Watch the video below:

At the front counter:

  • Make sure you have a Member Number
  • Make sure you have the Lot Number
  • Make sure the vehicle is paid for (if applicable)

In the back of the location, where the clean and salvage title vehicles are stored:

  • Make sure you checked in at the front counter (and grabbed a map to locate vehicles you want to preview)
  • Make sure you’re wearing boots and a safety vest

If you need a jump, that can be provided, says Copart AGM Geoff Gilardez.

If you’re in a hurry, Copart GM Mike Bishop recommends calling the location ahead of time so they can pull a specific vehicle for preview. (Note: This service is not available at all Copart locations.)

Visit Copart’s Tampa South location between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at:

12020 U.S. Highway 301 South,
Riverview, Florida 33578

Auctions at this location are held Fridays at 9:00 a.m. Central Time. Search the inventory here.

Maximizing Motorcycle Performance

If you dream of riding down miles of asphalt and searching for open spaces, you understand that riding a motorcycle is about more than getting from point A to B, but few truly understand or comprehend what makes motorcycle enthusiasts so passionate about the sight of polished chrome or the different types of cylinder heads.

At a certain point, most bikers realize that there is only so much personality they can leverage out of a factory-ready machine. To individualize their biking experience, and get their machine running like it should, they need to truly customize their bike. This can be an ongoing process—making small upgrades and renovations here and there until your bike performs exceeds factory limits, but once you are roaring on the road, you will realize there is nothing more exciting!

Here are five essential customizable components that will get your bike roaring at its optimal level.

1. Air filters

Did you know that motorcycle manufacturers are forced to comply with a number of emission standards? The bike you get from the factory will likely come equipped with some parts that can inhibit a bike’s performance and true potential, but don’t let that stop you!

To remedy this, one of the first upgrades you should consider is to replace your air intake filter. Motorcycle engines, like other four-stroke engines, operate by pumping air in and circulating it back out. A high-flow air filter will help more air cycle through the engine, allowing the carburetors to add more gas, and more power, to your ride. Zoom zoom!

2. Fuel Tuners

Now what? As your new air filter facilitates an increased amount of air through your engine, the fuel-to-air ratio will require appropriate maintenance as well. With too much air, your engine will run hot, pop and cause your bike to run lean (too much air and not enough fuel), which can result in significant damage to some engine components. This will ultimately decrease your bike’s performance.

To avoid this, you can install a fuel tuner designed to match your high-flow air filter, which is designed to keep your air-to-fuel ratio stable. Bottom line: If you buy a new air filter, you need to pair it with an optimized fuel tuner.

3. Cams

Looking for power? If you want to go a step further and add as much as ten horsepower to your ride, get inside the engine and substitute the cams. The type of bike you ride and your riding style will determine what kind of cams you should use. Make sure to do your research and consider what RPM range you normally ride in, and what you specially want the new cams to improve. For example, do you want more power while cruising or, if you race, do you want to get the most out of your bike at high RPMs?

Once you become more comfortable in your riding style and harness a deeper understanding of what you are seeking to get out of your bike, you can begin to develop an even more powerful machine.

4. Adjustable Suspension

Most people believe that suspension is in place for increased comfort, but if you have yet to experience the difference that an adjustable suspension system can make in how your bike performs, you are missing out on some serious.

Did you know that installing an advanced suspension system that adjusts to your weight and riding style by dampening and controlling the compression rate will create a customized, more responsive feel?

5. New Wheels

An important feature that factory bikes skimp on the most are the wheels. While it’s easy to make cheap, heavy wheels look great, and many manufacturers take advantage of this, wheels are a crucial component to getting the most out of your biking experience.

For a quick upgrade, swap out those wheels and invest in some lightweight rims. In fact, you should probably do this before you invest in a new suspension system. No matter how advanced your suspension system, if you have factory-installed wheels, you won’t be able to enjoy ideal performance benefits.

There are plenty of other ways to upgrade your bike’s performance, of course. A lot the methods mentioned, as well as larger engine overhauls like carburetors and exhaust work, can also affect how your bike looks. Don’t limit your ride!

Finding the right balance between performance and design can be a thrilling adventure. To find parts like exhaust pipes or cylinder covers, check out salvage or used-motorcycle auctions like Copart.com or CrashedToys.com

Looking for Luxury? Don’t Miss This 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350

On Tuesday, December 13th, Copart, an online auction site, will be selling a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350. This Mercedes-Benz is a Copart Featured and Enhanced Vehicle, and has an estimated retail value of $54,430. Will this classy car be yours?

Vehicle Details:

  • Copart Enhanced Vehicle
  • Primary Damage: Water/Flood
  • Keys
  • Estimated Retail Value: $54,430
  • 5L V6 Engine
  • 4-door Sport
  • All Wheel Drive

Learn more about this 2016 Mercedez-Benz here.

Want to see this 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 in person?

This vehicle is located at the Hampton, VA location. Viewing and inspection is available by appointment or within special viewing hours for all Copart Members. Please contact the location at (757) 766-2750 for appointments and viewing times.

Want to place a bid on this vehicle?

Members must register at Copart.com to be eligible to bid on this Lot.

Pre-bidding for this 2016 Mercedes-Benz will end at 8:00 a.m. CST on Tuesday, December 13th. The live bidding will begin one hour later at 9:00 a.m. Whether you’re planning to bid on this vehicle or not, be sure to attend the live, online auction that afternoon at Copart to watch as this classic 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 is sold to the highest bidder!

Check Out This Rare Classic: A 1949 Kaiser Virginian for Sale at CrashedToys

On Tuesday, December 13th, CrashedToys, an online powersports auction, will be selling a 1949 Kaiser Virginian. This classic Kaiser Virginian looks to have an older restoration, is in very good condition (although the vehicle did not power up or start), and comes with all of its original manuals and books. The Virginian was the first four-door hardtop with a fixed-glass center post. The hardtop on this vehicle was covered with a cloth mock-convertible top.

Fun fact: Approximately only 935 of these vehicles were produced in 1949, so this is a rare vehicle!

Vehicle Details:

  • 2,634 Miles
  • IN – Certificate of Title
  • Primary Damage: Minor Dents/Scratches
  • Keys
  • Enhanced Vehicle
  • Donated Vehicle

Learn more about this classic Virginian here.

Want to see this 1949 Kaiser Virginian in person?

This vehicle is located at the Copart location in Indianapolis, Indiana. Viewing and inspection are available by appointment or within special viewing hours for all Copart and CrashedToys Members. Please contact the location at (317) 216-2186 for appointments and viewing times.

Want to place a bid on this vehicle?

Members must register at Copart.com or CrashedToys.com to be eligible to bid on this vehicle.

Pre-bidding for this 1949 Kaiser Virginian will end at 1:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday, December 13th. The live bidding will begin one hour later at 2:00 p.m. Whether you’re planning to bid on this vehicle or not, be sure to attend the live, online CrashedToys auction that afternoon to watch as this classic 1949 Kaiser Virginian is sold to the highest bidder!

Even the Smallest Project can be Rewarding in This 2014 John Deere Mower

On Monday, December 12th, Copart will sell, via our live online salvage auction, a 2014 John Deere Mower at the Mobile, AL location.

The John Deere Mower has been symbolized with lawn care ever since its inception in 1970.  With the ability to maneuver in every which way the John Deere Mower has made a once daunting chore, as easy as can be. This 2014 John Deere Mower has forty miles and an estimated value of $1,399.99. Get the perfect gift for that hard worker in your life.

Vehicle Details:

  • AL – Bill of Sale
  • Enhanced Vehicle
  • Keys

Learn more about this 2014 John Deere Mower here.

Want to see this 2014 John Deere Mower in person?

This vehicle is located at the Mobile, AL location. Viewing and inspection are available by appointment or within special viewing hours for Copart Members. Please contact the location at (251) 649-5011 for appointments and viewing times.

Want to place a bid on this vehicle?

You must register at Copart.com to be eligible to bid on this vehicle.

Pre-bidding for the 2014 John Deere Mower will end at 11:00 a.m. CST on Monday, December 12th. The live bidding will begin one hour later at 12:00 p.m. Whether you’re planning to bid on this vehicle or not, be sure to attend the live, online auction for this 2014 John Deere Mower.

‘Tis the Season to Buy a Used Snowmobile: 5 Tips for Success

By now, you may be an experienced Copart Member and can navigate your way around buying used cars and motorcycles. But how do you approach buying a used snowmobile?

With winter right around the corner, this question becomes all the more urgent since you’ll soon find yourself in winter wonderland. Not to worry, though! We want to help you with your buying experience and, therefore, have compiled a few tips you might want to think about when buying used snowmobiles for the holiday season.

Here are five tips for buying a used snowmobile at Copart and CrashedToys:

1. Determine what you need

First of all, it’s important to acknowledge that not all snowmobile makes and models are the same. Like cars and motorcycles, they are all unique in some way.

Things to consider when buying a snowmobile are brand, model, size and octane rating. Looking at these and determining where you’ll be riding helps to determine what type of snowmobile you’ll need.

2. Check appearances

With any used vehicle, there’s always the danger of you having to pick up the slack on what the previous owner did. According to eBay, if the vehicle is maintained in solid condition, there’s a solid chance that it is a good buy. If the snowmobile has been washed, has a cover that’s been used, and hasn’t suffered from much damage on its frame, it’s in reliable condition and has most likely been well taken care of. But if its dented up, isn’t covered, and doesn’t look like it has been cleaned, then chances are it hasn’t been well maintained and isn’t a good buy.

Looks sell, and only you can know what’s good enough for you.

3. Observe the engine

You can do with a few dents and scratches on the frame. What you can’t do is a snowmobile engine that doesn’t run, because without it, you don’t have a snowmobile.

First things first: start it. That might sound kind of obvious, but it’s a step some buyers skip over, and its arguably one of the most important inspections you can make. According to eBay, if it needs a choke to stay running, it’s a sign of a bad engine and you should probably move on in your shopping lost.

Also note the compression readings on all of your cylinders. 120-125 PSI is a good number to be at, but anything lower than 115 or higher than 150 indicates some engine issues that will need to be repaired if you want to take it for a spin.

4. Ask questions

As you’re inspecting the vehicle, be sure to ask the seller about details on the vehicle that you can’t see on the outside or the inside. A few recommended questions by Ilsnow.com are listed below:

  • How often has the vehicle been serviced?
  • How many miles are on the odometer?
  • Are there any current problems with the vehicle?

If these details are not already provided, be sure to inquire of them from the seller. Any other questions you might have should also be asked too.

5. Know your worth

New snowmobiles are expensive: estimated at $10,000 by Ilsnow.com. Prices for used snowmobiles are substantially lower, but you have to be mindful of repair costs. According to eBay, a seat recovering can cost upward of $200, new tracks can be $500, and new carbide runners, belts, and covers add up to over $300. That’s $1,000 on its own, and that’s not including the sale price of the snowmobile itself.

Bottom line: know what you’re getting, know what needs to be fixed, and ask questions if you don’t know. This will help you to know if you’re getting the best deal you can for the holiday season.

Want to get started on your snowmobile search? Look through our inventory at Copart or CrashedToys.

CrashedToys Dallas Hosts Benefit Ride for Dallas Middle School


Are you looking to rev into the holiday spirit? CrashedToys Dallas is hosting Benefit Ride: Christmas Edition on Saturday, December 17th.

We’ll be donating toys and clothes to students in need at T.J. Rusk Middle School, located at 2929 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX 75235. Participate in the motorcycle ride for FREE when you bring a new, unwrapped toy or tagged clothing item!

11:00am – Doors Open at CrashedToys Dallas
1:00pm – Kickstands Up & Route to T.J. Rusk Middle School
1:30pm – Kickstands Up & Route to Strokers Dallas

The first 100 riders at CrashedToys will get a Swag Bag from The SwagShack!

Ride Departs:
CrashedToys Dallas
7777 John W Carpenter Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75247

All motorcycle riders and street legal bikes are welcome. Motorcycle riders must conform to state laws regarding street riding (especially regarding licensing, motorcycles and use of helmets).

Come for vendors, food and drink, and a fun ride supporting a great cause!

RSVP on Facebook >

Complete su registro en Copart: Cómo cargar documentos de identificación y licencias

Registrar su afiliación a Copart es rápido, sencillo y gratuito. Tan sólo unos clics bastarán para hacerse miembro de Copart, el primer paso para ofertar y ganar licitaciones de vehículos con títulos de reconstruidos o limpios.

Pero enviar su formulario de registro en Copart no es lo único que hace falta para completar su inscripción; existe un siguiente paso: cargar un documento de identificación expedido por un organismo oficial (tal como su licencia de conducir o pasaporte) y cualquier licencia comercial que posea.

Cargar su identificación y licencias comerciales (si aplica) a su cuenta Copart  desde su PC o dispositivo móvil es una tarea bastante sencilla. Tan sólo ingrese a nuestra página de Información de cuentas, elija del menú la pestaña de Licencias, y haga clic en el botón “Cargar licencia o ID”. En este punto, aparecerá en su pantalla la siguiente casilla:

Como puede apreciar, podrá cargar su identificación o licencia en una variedad de formatos de archivo, incluyendo .pdf, .jpg y .png, que son los más habituales. Se aceptarán archivos de hasta 3MB.

Una vez que haya cargado su identificación o licencia, su procesamiento tomará entre tres y cinco días laborables. Por lo tanto, ¡planifique con anticipación y remita estos archivos con tiempo si desea ofertar sobre algún vehículo que vaya pronto a subasta!

Si necesita ayuda adicional para cargar sus licencias, envíenos un mensaje a través de nuestra página de Copart en Facebook y le asistiremos.

Customer Spotlight: Pete Kell, Kell Motors

Today we’re spotlighting Pete Kell, owner of Kell Motors in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.

How Copart is helpful…

“Copart is a salvage auction that runs cars through that people have accidents with or donate to charity. It’s a good resource for me.”

What kind of vehicles he buys…

“Lately, I’ve been buying some donations, but mostly lightly hit cars eight to 10 years old.”

What he looks for in purchases…

“When I come into the yard, I first look at condition as far as panel fit and how well it was taken care of. I also look at rust because that’s very important in the Northeast.”

What he enjoys most about Copart…

“It’s a well-run auction. I do enjoy coming out and looking at the cars, that’s always been something good for me. In almost all cases, the staff has been very good.”

Advice for new Copart Members…

“If you’re a public buyer and you’re just looking for one car, have an inspector look at it.”

Watch the video of Pete here:

Thank you Pete for being a loyal Copart member!

If you would like to become a member too, register here.

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