Ohio is Open: Public buyers are now eligible to buy Salvage-Titled vehicles.


Last December, Copart helped lead the effort to pass legislation to open our vehicle market to more
buyers. Beginning on March 23, 2015 the buyer’s identification (BID) card previously required to purchase
vehicles from our Ohio locations is no more. Buyers will no longer need to submit a bid card
application, credit report, and $35 fee.

Commencing March 23, the general public and unlicensed buyers can purchase up to five vehicle
salvage vehicles per calendar year. Licensed salvage dealers and dismantlers, junk yards, scrap
metal processing facilities, used-vehicle dealers and automotive recyclers can make unlimited purchases
of salvage vehicles.

Search Ohio Inventory Here!

There are 4 Copart locations in Ohio:

If you’re a new Copart Member, make sure you have a government-issued ID (i.e. Driver’s License) on file with us. You need one in order to bid.

Need to submit your government-issued ID? You can upload it here or email it to member.license@copart.com.

Copart Member Turns Breast Cancer Mustang into Lymphoma Mustang

Many Copart Members transform their purchases into unique customized vehicles.  Check out this story about a family business that turned a 2008 Warrior in Pink Mustang into a custom Lymphoma Cancer Tribute Car!

“This was a originally a 2008 Warrior in Pink Mustang, which was a program that Ford had created for Susan G. Komen foundation where a portion of sales went to the foundation.  So, it was basically a breast cancer awareness edition car.  Only 400 were produced in white, so it was a pretty rare car to begin with.

“My dad owns the shop and my sister and I are very involved in the business.  My sister is a Lymphoma cancer survivor.  So, she changed all the pink to purple (purple is the color for lymphoma) and has transformed the car into a custom lymphoma cancer tribute car.  It’s pretty unique and catches a lot of attention.” -Picture Perfect Auto Body in Alexandria, IN

#WorldCancerDay2015Before After Mustang

Do you have a unique story about a car you purchased from Copart? Message us or send us an email at Advertising@copart.com.

Getting your car ready for winter

Now that it is getting cold out there and the snow is beginning to fall, it’s time to think about taking the proper precautions to ensure you vehicle will run as it should even in negative temperatures!

Ice and snow can make driving difficult and dangerous, particularly if you aren’t prepared.  So what can be done to get your vehicle prepared for winter?

  1. Check your tires. To ensure you have the best traction on slippery roads, make sure your tire pressure is at the appropriate level and that your tires are in good shape. You may also want to consider snow tires for a little boost in traction.
  2. Make sure your fuel tank doesn’t get too low. With freezing temperatures it is possible for condensation to drip into you gas tank and clog the fuel lines. Keeping your tank at least half full can prevent this from happening.
  3. Check your windshield wipers. If snow begins to fall, you will want to be sure your windshield wipers are in top shape to keep the road in front of you visible.
  4. Test your battery. Cold temperatures can have a negative effect on your battery power so it is important to make sure it is good shape and can hold a charge before the temperatures drop.
  5. Keep an emergency kit inside your car. With the slick roads, it is possible your vehicle could end up stuck.  Make sure you have a spare tire, the tools to change a tire and a few extra supplies including: flashlights, blankets, ice scraper, bottles of water, and light snacks. All of these items can really help if you find your vehicle stuck in a snow bank.

Following these simple tips can help you to stay safe and keep your car running during the winter season!

Limited Edition 2003 Ferrari Enzo for Sale

On Tuesday, November 18, CrashedToys, an online auction site, will be selling a 2003 Ferrari Enzo at its East Bethel, Minnesota location. According to Ferrari’s website, there were only 400 examples of the Enzo built. This limited edition vehicle would make an enviable addition to any car collectors’ garage.  When the Enzo was first introduced, Ferrari offered it for purchase by invitation only.


Vehicle Details:

  • 0L V12 engine
  • 660HP at 7800 rpm
  • 485 ft/lbs of torque at 5500 rpm
  • Top speed of 218 mph
  • 0-60 in 3.14 seconds and 0-100 in 6.6 seconds
  • 6-speed Formula 1 style semi-automatic transmission

Learn more about this unique Ferrari at CrashedToys.com/Enzo.

Want to see this limited edition 2003 Ferrari Enzo in person?

This unique vehicle is located at our CrashedToys facility in East Bethel, MN (just north of Minneapolis, MN, USA.) Viewing and inspection is available by appointment or within special viewing hours for Copart and CrashedToys Members. Please contact the facility at 763-434-8822 for appointments and viewing times.

Want to place a bid on this rare vehicle?

Members must pre-register to be eligible to bid on this Lot by emailing their requests and Member number to EnzoRegistration@copart.com.

Pre-bidding for the 2003 Ferrari Enzo will end at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 18. The live bidding will begin one hour later at 3 p.m. Tuesday, November 18. Whether you’re planning to bid on this vehicle or not, be sure to attend the live, online auction that afternoon at CrashedToys.com to watch as this rare, limited edition vehicle is sold to the highest bidder!

Maintenance tips to keep your classic Ford running like a champ

113065_727823Older vehicles often need good maintenance to keep them running well. As mechanical parts in a Ford Mustang or Model A wear down from use, drivers will want to give them extra attention – above and beyond what might be needed for a modern vehicle. Here are two traditional maintenance tips where classic cars can benefit from a different approach than modern cars.

Oil – If the classic Ford’s engine is cleaned regularly, or has been overhauled by the owner, detergent oil, that helps to keep the engine clean by preventing the build-up of sludge, will work. However, if there is already a buildup of deposit in the engine’s valves and cylinders caused by a driver not using detergent oil, it is recommended that the driver continue using the same oil. The reason is that those deposits help to keep the mechanics lubricated just like the oil, and if a switch were made to detergent oil to start cleaning out those deposits, the driver would need to replace the oil much more frequently down the road to keep the Ford running like a champ.

Transmission fluid – Between the 1950s and 1960s, whale oil was used in transmission fluids, however this practice discontinued in the 1970s because of its tendency to break down at higher temperatures (caused by higher engine temps). At that time, Ford used transmission oil identified as ESW M2C33-F in the vehicles it sold, and oil companies recreated this product, now called Type F transmission fluid – for drivers to purchase when a transmission flush was needed. Classic car drivers are recommended to use transmission oil that matches the product originally distributed when the car was built, and avoid using any modern fluids that work better with modern vehicles.

Do you have tips on how to maintain a classic?

Take the time to winterize your bowrider for more fun next summer

113067_431259Your family had tons of fun zipping around the area lakes in your bowrider this summer, but now as the temperatures drop, it’s time to get the boat ready for winter storage. Many families opt to take their boat into a dealer; however, winterizing a bowrider is certainly a job any boat owner can accomplish themselves. Always check with your owner’s manual for specific directions in the process.

* The boat engine is the first step. Fill the fuel tank about three-fourths full of gasoline and add a fuel stabilizing liquid to the tank. Run the engine for about 15 minutes to make certain the stabilizer has fully mixed with the gasoline and worked its way through the fuel lines, filters and carburetors. This helps to prevent any corrosion on the engine.

* Next, flush the engine with fresh water. Clear the water out as carefully as possible before running an antifreeze product through the manifold. You can also fog the engine to help clear any moisture from it. The fog also helps coat the engine with a protective film. Removing all moisture from the engine is important to prevent any buildup of rust. Keep the engine running during all of these processes.

* Change the oil in your bowrider, including the replacing the oil filter. This will help your bowrider start easier come spring.

* Charge the batteries and either remove them and store them in a heated location, or check them once a month – topping off the charge as needed. Clean the battery ports as well, to ensure a good connection come spring.

* Make certain all water holds are completely drained and dried out to prevent freezing water from damaging your boat. You might want to wash and scrub these areas out with soap and a brush to help prevent any buildup of odor while the boat is in storage.

* Grease any mobile joints or connections, including on the boat trailer.

By properly winterizing your bowrider, it can safely remain in storage all winter long, even if the storage is not heated. For outdoor storage, cover the boat with a secure cover to prevent additional moisture from harming the body of the boat. And before moving the trailer in the spring, be sure to check the pressure in the tires.

What do you do with an old Ambulance?

When an ambulance goes out of service in the medical industry, it often is stripped of its lights and sirens and put up for auction. It might seem strange to think about purchasing an ambulance for use as a traditional vehicle. But some creative people have turned them into fun vehicles. Check these ideas out:

113076_532452* Turn it into a tailgate party – Because an ambulance can store a lot of food and equipment, it is the perfect tailgate vehicle – especially for those diehard fans. Give the vehicle a paint job reflecting your team’s colors, and you’ve got the vehicle everyone will remember. Once the game is over, just load everything back up into the ambulance and drive away.

* Make a playground out of the body – Once the wheels are off, all the doors are removed and the parts are properly disposed of; an ambulance shell provides creative people with the perfect base for a playground. Just add a slide, some stairs and a railing on the roof.

* Create a camper for two – It probably won’t be the most luxurious vehicle on the road, but driving an ambulance is easier than negotiating hairpin turns in national parks in a full-sized camper. Strip the interior and install two camping cots with plenty of room leftover for storage and belongings. Just close the doors, turn on the engine and take off for your next camping destination.

As a precaution, if you are purchasing an ambulance from auction, it’s a good idea to change the look of the vehicle so that it won’t be easily mistaken for a working ambulance. By removing the identifying language, the lights and sirens, and even changing the paint color, you’ll have less chance of being requested for medical help in an emergency situation.

Need to Update Farm Trucks? Where to go to find parts.

Winter is the time for grain farmers113072_744749 across America to take stock of their equipment and do maintenance on farm trucks to make certain they’re 100 percent working as soon as the ground thaws and it’s time to plant crops.

After the toil of last year’s harvest, some of those farm trucks may need a bit of repair and update. And one way to save money on those repairs is to do the work yourself. But where do you find parts?

Depending on how old your farm equipment is, you may be able to call up the manufacturer or an automotive parts store for certain items. But if you have an older tractor, truck or other machinery, your best bet is to browse the junk yards or buy a whole vehicle and use its parts at online auction sites like Copart . This process also works if you’re trying to save a bit of money.

Using online automotive auction sites can make the search process for replacement parts and vehicles much easier and you can get a great deal.  Just type in the year and manufacturer name of the machinery you want to fix or replace and you’ll be able to quickly narrow down your search to the replacement parts and vehicles you need. You can also sign up to be notified when new vehicles you are interested in are listed on the site, giving you the opportunity to place your bid early.

One benefit of bidding on a vehicle for auction is you’ll have an extra supply of parts available, allowing you to update multiple items now, and hopefully have parts to make fixes a couple of years down the road. Having these parts accessible and handy can help you save both time and costs, especially if you need to perform an emergency repair job once you’ve started the growing season.

How to become a more efficient Copart vehicle browser

Vehicle FinderWhether you have a specific model in mind or you are just looking to browse all vehicles, Copart has features that make finding and bidding on the vehicles that interest you easy!

You can start with our Vehicle Finder page.  Here you will find a variety of predetermined categories to browse though.  You can also make your own search and define the Year, Make, Model, Location, VIN, or lot number you are looking for.

What to narrow your search results down by even more?

Once your search is complete, you can refine it even more by utilizing the search filters. Break your search down by fuel type, engine type, title type and more to find exactly what you need.

If you run the same search repeatedly, try our Saved Search feature.  At the top of any search results page, you will see the Saved Search button.  By clicking this button, you can collect all the searches you run often to your Saved Searches so the next time you want to browse you don’t have to redefine your search criteria!

Once you have found vehicles you would like to bid on, make sure you add them to your Watchlist. This way you will be able to keep an eye on the vehicles you like.

What to learn more about searching on Copart? Visit our Search Vehicles page by clicking here. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for you can sign up for vehicle alerts and we will send you an email when the vehicles you want are listed on Copart.com!

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